How to Select Nose Pin According to Face Shape

The nose ring is a popular accessory among Indian women. Many women wear them as everyday jewels, and some wear them only on special occasions. A diamond nose pin is usually a part of every bride’s attire.

A lot of people thought nose rings to be outdated and avoided wearing them. However, at present, nose rings are in trend, and you will see a lot of women wearing them. So, how to choose the right one according to the face shape? Here, in this article, we will take a look at just that.

But first, let’s look at the most popular nose ring styles.

Nose Ring Styles

  • Beaded Hoops
  • Half Hoops
  • Naths
  • Segment Rings
  • Half Nose Rings
  • Small Studs

Guide to Choose the Right Nose Ring According to Face Shape

All Face Types

Small studs usually complement all face types. A simple diamond stud will look good on all face shapes. These nose studs come in various designs, and you can choose from a simple solitaire nose pin to floral or star-shaped ones, which also make lovely gifts.

If you want something more attention-getting, you can opt for half nose rings that come encrusted with diamonds.

Long Faces

Long Faces

Beaded hoops look great on women with a long face. They are heavy and perfect for narrow chins and a broad forehead. The beads on these hoops can be crystals, pearls, and even colorful beads. You can wear them with sarees and other traditional attire. Beaded hoops can be worn on the wedding day as well.

Round Face

Round Face

Diamond-studded half hoops will look perfect on you. The arch and half-circle shape of these nose rings will make your face look slimmer, and will highlight your makeup. These too come in various designs.

Sleek and elegant diamond hoop rings are quite popular, and you will see a lot of women wearing them for their weddings.

Chiselled Face

Chiselled Face

Segment rings are loved by all for their minimalism and are jewels that you can wear everyday. A simple gold or silver segment ring will highlight your cheekbones and make you look stylish. The best thing about segment rings is the fact that they can be teamed with western attire as well.

Heart-Shaped & Oval Face

Oval Face

Large and bold naths look good on women with a heart-shaped face. Many naths come with a long chain that needs to be attached to the hair. Bridal naths come in various designs, and these are something that you can wear only on special occasions.

Diamond naths, kundan naths, and gemstone naths are some of the options you have.

Heavily-encrusted naths suit women with an oval face.

The options are many when it comes to nose rings. Opt for the heavier ones for your wedding or other special occasions. Simple and minimalist designs are also available, and these are something that you can wear every day. Diamond-studded gold loops are also very popular and will let you make a style statement when worn with the right jewelry and clothes.