Tricks to Combining Diverse Furniture Styles

The days of decorating with furniture sets are long gone. The typical modern-day house features a much more contemporary approach where individuals mix and match various styles and furniture elements to create the look they want.

Whether you already have the furniture or are looking to mix different styles of furniture from scratch, this article is a must read. You can also do the same with mirrors which can create a powerful look to your home. For example, why not try traditional mirrors and then overmantle mirrors for sale. You will be surprised what you can come up with and how good mixing and matching can look.

How To Mix Different Furniture Styles At Home

How To Mix Different Furniture Styles At Home
There are dos and don’ts when it comes to mixing up different furniture styles however. When it comes down to it, following the tips in this article can help you stick to the rules and general guidelines so you can ensure your home always looks stylish and chic.

  • Limit The Colours You Use

Limiting the colour palette is a great idea. The more textures, patterns and colours you have, the messier your home will look. If you are mixing up furniture styles as it is, you will then have to be aware of what shades you are using. If you are choosing a specific colour scheme, try and stay within this when choosing different furniture.

  • Search For Artwork

You always want to add contemporary art if you are going with classic furniture styles and vice versa if you are going with contemporary furniture. Doing so creates contrast and intrigue, keeping a fresh feel to your home. The more symbiosis you can create then the less of the clash there will be.

  • Be Aware Of Sizes

Just because you are mixing up the styles, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the proportion and size of the furniture itself. Doing so can create unbalance and unease in your home which often causes confusion and creates the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you have a smaller coffee table, then there’s a good chance it looks good next to a heavier piece of furniture. Doing so creates balance in your home.

  • Have A Statement Piece

Your furniture styles can be mixed but always try to have that one inspiration item that the eye is naturally drawn to. This will help you have a focus item that you can then build around. It makes it easier to create balance amongst different styles of furniture so you can achieve the desire result you want.
Have A Statement Piece
Doing all of the above can help you create the right type of look when combining different furniture styles. Being aware of what can go wrong and knowing what works is a great way to get started on this journey. Doing your research beforehand is also a good idea but overall, have fun with the process and enjoy what you create.