About Us

We started Beautifulfeed with a passion. Things change and we became more and more obsessed with blogging and that passion continued into our life even after grown up as an adult. We are doing full time blogging by flipping magazines and finding creative ideas and unique content which is not available in internet. Our hobby is share this unique content and ideas to entertain our users. So when we decided to start a blog, the natural choice of topics was a home decor, fashion, makeup, wedding ideas, creative ideas and travel ideas.

About Beautiful Feed

Beautiful Feed is a web blog that brings you the daily dose of inspiration includes home decor, art, creativity, fashion, makeup, wedding and travel ideas. On Beautiful Feed we feature all types of ideas and inspiration.

Our Team

Jyoti Purohit | Editor

Jyoti Purohit is a freelance writer and blogger. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on finding and collecting creative ideas and DIY projects.