10 Ways to Update your Homes Interior Lighting to Match Your Own Style

Sometime the biggest changes to your home are the simplest. If you recently purchased a new home or looking to move soon, updating the lighting can instantly elevate the look of any room. Adding a lamp or swapping out pendant lights for modern enamel farmhouse lights changes the look and feel of a space without a lot of effort.

If you’re right at the point of looking for homes for sale, before making the purchase, look at the natural lighting as well as existing interior lighting to see what is there, and your idea of how it can match your style when you move in. There are many ways to update a home’s interior lighting for a quick style upgrade, before you can do that, you need to know what you like/want.

1) Pop of Color

When you want to transform a room, add a pop of color. Moving beyond muted or neutral colors, bright lighting fixtures instantly add style to any living space. Whether bright blue lamp shades or tinted hanging bulbs, colorful lighting elevates the look of a room. Showcase your eclectic style with colorful light fixtures.

2) Place with Purpose

Choosing the placement of lightning is just as important as choosing the actual light fixtures. Be creative with placement to inject your own style into a living space. Try placing fixtures over select pieces of furniture in order to create a focal point within a space. For smaller light fixtures or hanging bulbs, dangle lights at different cord lengths for an eye-catching look.

4) Hang a Chandelier

Hang a Chandelier
A popular lighting fixture, chandeliers add an unmatched elegance to any living space. Make your home’s entryway or dining room more welcoming with a classic chandelier. Whether a large or small space, chandeliers come in a variety of sizes and can help make a room appear larger.

5) Choose a Common Element

For a unique look, blend different light fixtures together by focusing on a common theme. Choose a certain time period or color and select lighting that varies, but still maintains a similar tone. For example, look for a common color, such as a light purple hue, on every light fixture. This approach to lighting allows you to create a one-of-a-kind look that still blends seamlessly into a living space.

6) Modernize

Choose a modern style, such as enamel farmhouse light fixtures, to enhance the appeal of your home. Simple and trendy, newer lighting styles often serve as an artistic focal point of a living space. Adding glam and sophistication, modern sculptural light fixtures offer a variety of options when you want to move beyond traditional lighting options.

7) Subtle Lighting

Subtle Lighting
It’s often the subtle light fixtures that enhance or elevate the look and feel of a space. A popular form of subtle lighting, under-cabinet lighting is both practical and can accentuate areas of interest in a specific living space. Kitchen countertops are a common area where under-cabinet lighting is used. This type of lighting shines a spotlight on the design and décor selections present in a room, while also providing warmth.

8) LED Lights

Long-lasting and energy-efficient, LED lights are a new approach to home lighting. Once you’ve bought a home, it’s important to select energy-efficiency lighting that minimizes costly electric bills. Focus on practicality, while infusing your own style into your living space with LED lights.

9) Minimalist

If you want your light fixtures to complement your home and not overpower it, a minimalist approach focuses on simplicity and utility. Simple designs, minimalist light fixtures are often practical, clean-lined and space-saving. Using white and neutral colors, light fixtures do not distract from furniture or décor. Adopt a minimalist lighting approach and enjoy the ambience of an understated look.

10) Functional

Maximize space by choosing functional lighting fixtures. Combing a light with a ceiling fan is a great way to increase both space and function simultaneously. A two-in-one approach to lighting, ceiling fans are especially beneficial in warmer climates. Contemporary ceiling fans are often made of stainless steel or distressed wood and offer a traditional, yet stylish approach to home lighting.

Whether you’ve recently purchased a new home or you’ve just started looking at homes for sale, home lighting is an easy way to alter the look of a living space to reflect your own personal style. From chandeliers to bright pops of color, light fixtures vary significantly in design. With light fixtures available for every aesthetic, there’s endless ways to infuse your own personal style into your home.