3 Ways to Smooth Over Any Acne in Your Complexion

Whether it’s a party or just a ladies’ night out, you want to look your best. After all, it’s a time for celebration and fun! And what better way to enjoy your time than pampering yourself and getting dressed up?

But that enjoyment can quickly die down before the party even starts when you have to deal with an acne-ridden complexion. Trying to hide red — and sometimes blue or even purple — bumps on your skin is not easy. And many of you would likely prefer that those dreaded spots disappeared on their own.

Acne not only marks our skin; it also leaves a lasting negative mark on our day. But it doesn’t have to! Instead, try these top three ways to smooth your complexion.

Choose Acne-Friendly Foundation

Choose Acne-Friendly Foundation
The first thing you likely want to try if there’s an upcoming party is foundation. While foundation can usually cover up the worst-looking aspects of acne, not all types of makeup will help in the long run.

If you’re not careful, the foundation that you choose to slather over your skin may worsen your acne. It doesn’t happen overnight, of course. Instead, it can take months for more acne from your makeup to appear.

To avoid this unintentional travesty, you’ll want to look for foundation that has the following qualities:

  • Transparency
  • A water base
  • Non-pore-blocking properties

Such foundation properties will minimize any irritation your skin feels when you cover up your acne. So you can avoid worsening your skin condition while feeling amazing on your night out!

Heal Your Skin with the Help of a Health-Care Professional

Heal Your Skin with the Help of a Health-Care Professional
Once you have a bit of time on your hands, make sure you take advantage of it to see a health-care professional about your skin. You deserve to have clear skin. And a good way of getting it is treating the problem behind your acne, which a health-care professional will know how to do.

It’s likely that they’ll recommend prescription medication like , which will remove the acne-producing bacteria from your skin. This medication may seem too expensive to be worth it. However, you can get this acne-relieving treatment at a more affordable price when you order it from an international or Canadian pharmacy referral service like .

Shed Some Light on Your Skin

Shed Some Light on Your Skin
No, not sunlight. (However, moderate sun exposure can provide some health benefits). Try light therapy instead!

Not all acne will respond to medication, unfortunately. So you might have to look into other acne treatments. Some are harsher than others. But light therapy is a relatively benign first attempt.

During light therapy treatment, you’ll use different colours of light (like red, blue, or a combination of both) to eradicate bacteria from your skin. The light will excite certain compound chemicals that are made from acne-producing bacteria on your skin, and in turn, those excited compounds will kill the bacteria.

Keep in mind that this treatment or really any other method you use to deal with acne will take some time to work. So, whatever you do, don’t panic! Take the time to treat your skin right, and you’ll soon find yourself enjoying whatever meet-ups you have during the day or night.