5 Major Signs That Indicate That Your Drains Need Cleaning & How to Do It

In your day to day life, how often do you think about the plumbing system of your house? And we mean really think.

Not just when the toilet overflows or the shower drain gets blocked and you’re no longer able to use your bathroom. Wouldn’t it be much easier to prevent these things happening in the first place?

You’ll save yourself time and money, and you won’t suffer the inconvenience of a bathroom that’s out of order. So, before the drains become dysfunctional, you have to clean them.

But how do you know when and how to clean your drains? We’ve got all the info you need.

5 Major Signs to Watch Out For

Before you start panicking, take a look at these signs to see if your drain is functioning properly.
Major Signs to Watch Out For
1. Slow Flowing Drains

If your sink or bath is draining slower than usual, then it’s usually a sign that the draining system is getting clogged up.

Hair, grease, soap and other debris can pile up and block your drain. So, the best thing to do is to clean them as soon as possible before it becomes a much bigger problem.

2. Mysterious and Odd Odors

If you’ve noticed a strange smell and it’s not you or your cat’s poop that’s causing it, it’s likely the drains.

If your bathroom stinks of sewage, it’s time to call the blocked drain repairs Adelaide service. This is one of the most noticeable signs of a blocked drain – anything that gets stuck halfway will start to rot and create a bad smell.

3. Frequent Clogs

If you’re noticing your drains are getting clogged repeatedly, it might be a symptom of a larger problem. Call the professionals to run a checkup of your toilet or shower drains.

You might find that the water comes back up through the drains as well – another symptom of a major clog. So, don’t ignore these signs. Start cleaning your drains immediately.

4. Funky Gurgling Sounds

Are you hearing strange gurgling sounds coming from your drains? It’s definitely time to call the plumbing masters as your drains are in need of some serious cleaning.

The gurgling or bubbling sound is caused by the air trapped in the small spaces surrounding the blockage.

5. Fruit and Drain Flies

Are flies roaming around your drain? Then you better call in a plumber. Since waste and debris can get stuck inside the pipes, it often attracts fruit and drain-flies.

These flies are attracted to the smell of waste and they might even attack your kitchen and food while they’re roaming around. That is definitely not going to be healthy for you.

How to Clean Your Drains

How to Clean Your Drains
Now that you’re aware of the warning signs, we’ll tell you what you can do about treating them. Here are the best tricks for cleaning a blocked drain:

1. The Bent Wire Hanger

This is an amazing hack to unclog drains. Just take a regular clothes hanger and straighten it out. Make a small hook in the wire by bending it at one end.

Insert the hook inside the drain and start fishing around for debris. This method will get any hair, soap, and other debris out of your drains and pipes.

Always remember to pull, not push as this will force the debris further down into the pipe.

2. Boiling Water
Another easy trick to clean and unclog drains is to use boiling water.

Boil some water in your kettle and pour it slowly down the drain in three or four stages. This method helps to break down any substances like soap and grease. It’s one of the fastest ways to clean clogged drains.

3. A Plunger

Perhaps the most obvious way to clear blocked drains is to use the tool designed for the job: a plunger.

Simply place the plunger over the drain and use it to suck up all of the gunk from the drains. Don’t use excessive force. Make sure that there is enough water in the pipe to plunge before you give it a go.

4. Dish Detergent

Dish detergent is another quick and easy way to clean up your drains. Find a large bowl and pour ¼ cup of dish detergent into it. Then boil some water and pour it into the bowl.

Pour the mixture down the drain and let the dish detergent work its magic. It breaks up the greasy substances by acting as a lubricant. After a few minutes, start plunging to lift up the debris.

5. Non-Toxic Drain Cleaners

Clogged drains are a very stressful but common issue in most homes. The easiest way to prevent this happening is to use non-toxic drain cleaners to clean your drain once a month.

Caustic soda, baking soda or vinegar will do the trick. Use a plunger or pull on some rubber gloves to clean the drain by hand.

Bonus Tip!

Microbial enzymatic drain aid is really handy. Using it on a regular basis will make your drain totally grease-free!

That’s It!

If you ask what’s better than fixing a flooded bathroom, we’ll answer having a bathroom that never floods in the first place. And the best way to achieve that is by anticipating possible issues and fixing the cause before it actually becomes a problem.

After all, prevention is always better than cure!

If you keep on top of it and manage your drains once a month with the products we suggest above, you’ll likely never suffer the inconvenience of a flooded bathroom.
All you need to do is be on the lookout for the signs that will alert you of a clogged drain problem and act fast.
Good luck!