5 Reasons A Baby Name Plate is the Best Baby Shower Gift

The birth of a baby signals new beginnings. This new bundle of joy symbolizes hope and love in one beautiful rosy-cheeked package. It would be lovely to celebrate the latest addition to the family with a keepsake that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. Parents will also appreciate the care and thoughtfulness of such a gift.

For sure, the new parents have already prepared for the baby’s needs. They would appreciate a thoughtful baby shower or welcome gift that would provide beautiful memories for the future.

An excellent choice would be personalized baby name plates. This beautiful commemorative plate concept is originally from the centuries-old Dutch tradition.

Imported from the charming town of Schoonhoven, Netherlands, these plates can be shipped directly to you.

Each hand-painted plate includes the baby’s name, date, time and place of birth, height, and birth weight. A message from the giver painted at the back will add a more personal touch.

There are hundreds of personalized baby gifts available online, but baby name plates stand out for the following reasons:

It Can Withstand Time

It Can Withstand Time
These ceramic plates are made from the finest materials and fireproofed so it can last for many years. Your recipient will be able to share this piece of history to future generations without compromising it.

It is Unique

Baby showers usually overflow with the necessary baby essentials. There will be blankets, clothes, towels, booties, and hats. The baby nameplate will surely stand out among the tons of gifts. It will elicit “oohs” and “aahs” not only from the parents but also from the other guests as well. This way, you will always be remembered as the one who brought a unique gift.

It Forms a Strong Personal Bond

Personalized gifts speak volumes of how much you value the baby and his family. It represents the special connection that you have for each other. It also shows how much you care by going through the process of choosing and ordering the gift. It means you took the time and effort to bring the present into fruition. No more last-minute runs only to get a generic stuffed animal.
It Forms a Strong Personal Bond
This gift is a celebration of what makes the family unique and shows that you love them no matter what. It creates a beautiful and lasting bond.

It Can be for Everyone

The baby nameplates are for everyone to enjoy. It would not trigger allergies nor pose safety threats. It can be placed anywhere in the home and can fit any décor scheme. Parents of any interest or background will appreciate it.

It Takes the Guesswork from Gift Buying

Nothing is more frustrating than buying gifts at the last minute and ending with very lame choices. Purchasing a baby nameplate online will take away the stress of going around the mall with no idea what to buy. You can order one from the comforts of your own home and have them delivered right at your doorstep.
It Takes the Guesswork from Gift Buying
The joyful experience of choosing and purchasing gifts will wrap it in hope and positivity.

Gift-giving is about the heart and soul poured into the gift. It’s a beautiful celebration of an important milestone. What matters most is the love and happiness shared along the way.