5 Things to Consider Before Replacing Your House Windows

Replacing your home windows may seem like a tedious task, not to mention an expensive one. Therefore, most homeowners want to be certain that they are making an investment that will pay off. However, there are times when replacement is not the best option and repairs would be a better fit for your home.

When not to replace your windows?

replace your windows
If your home is older than 1960 and it has its original windows, then you should be very happy. Nothing will add as much value as the original window. New windows will save you lots on energy costs however, older windows are more durable. Many people are unaware of this and tend to replace 200-year-old windows with newer model vinyl windows which are only really guaranteed for 5 years.

If you have decided to replace your home windows, you may want to consider the following tips from experts in the field:

  1. Make sure that you buy the right type of window – look for pocket windows, replacement windows or insert windows which will fit into an existing window frame.
  2. Ensure that you measure correctly – before buying the window, ensure that you accurately measure the correct size of glass. Work from the inside of the home and measure from the window sashes. Run the tape from one side of the window jamb to the opposite side to measure width. To measure height, use the same method but do it vertically.
  3. When removing the trim and window stops you need to be gentle so that no damage is made to the materials surrounding the glass. Use a utility knife and screwdriver to remove the glass very carefully.
  4. When fitting the window in place, ensure that all four corners are in place. Tap in the shims but do not knock them all the way. You should leave an inch sticking out as you may need to remove them later.
  5. Test the sashes to ensure that they slide smoothly. The adjustment screws can be adjusted if the sashes are too tight.
  6. Caulk the inside of your windows and install inside stops.

You must also consider the following before deciding on the material and style of window you want.

5 Things to consider before replacing windows

replacement or a repair

1. Is it going to be a replacement or a repair?

If you plan on doing construction on your home, you may want to opt for replacement windows to keep in line with your theme and the style of the home. This will involve removing the old windows and changing the whole unit to something more suitable. You may also decide to keep the old framework but just replace the window. Be careful to cut the glass to the exact size of the frame to avoid any gaps at the sides which will allow the elements to enter your home.

2. Consider the type of window frame you want

You should choose the window frame that works best for your home. There are so many options available for modern window frames like vinyl, which is very popular. They are low-maintenance and affordable. Bear in mind that vinyl cannot be painted and are either available in white or a brown colour. You also have the option of aluminium windows which are known for good insulation and the frames are usually available in darker tones. Your next option is fibreglass frames which do not require any maintenance and can be painted to your preference however they are expensive. Next is wood which is one of the preferred choices amongst many people. They come in a variety of colours and must be painted often to maintain their look however they can last a lifetime if they are well maintained.

3. Would you prefer single glazed or double glazed?

Windows that are single glazed are manufactured with one pane of glass and this makes them easy to replace. They are also easy to clean however they are not very good for insulation. Double glazed windows, on the other hand, are made from two panes of glass and have a layer of gas trapped between the glass. This type of window offers great insulation however replacement of broken glass can be costly. Foggy window repairs can be done easily on double glazed windowpanes if necessary. The seal on these windows can offer 15-20 years of use before giving up.

4. Will the house’s value be increased?

Great windows are a good investment in your home and often add value to your home. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home soon, it is beneficial to think of your home as an investment. Decide on windows that will add value to your home and attract the interest of possible buyers. You may want to invest in long-lasting fibre-glass frames or double-glazed frames if you want something longer lasting which needs little to no maintenance.

5. Consider your energy bill

Look out for the energy start on the windows that you purchase as these windows protect your home against the harmful effects of the sun and heat. The more efficient your windows, the more you save on your energy bills and some people may be able to apply for tax credit if their windows are replaced with an energy efficient design.

Replacing your home windows may be time-consuming and costly however, consider all the available options and try to decide what will be best for your home’s value. In the end, you will be pleased with the investment you made into your home. Windows aren’t just an investment, they are also one of the key features of your home, be sure to choose something that you like as this will be the same windows you will be looking at for the next few years to come. Deciding whether to replace or repair windows is a big decision. Ensure that you are certain on what is best for your home and its design.