Advantages and Disadvantages of a Big Wedding

The wedding day is the big day for everyone, but now people think more pragmatically than before. Now the standard of living is going higher, and the younger lot wants to meet the standards of living. That is why a few of them think that each moment of their lives has to be on point, while others feel that they need to save the bucks for living a pleasant experience.

Both these approaches about life and living are acceptable, at least for me, as I think that it depends upon God’s circumstances for you. In this article, I will try to analyze both the advantages and disadvantages of a significant wedding function.

In discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a big wedding, we must also consider some necessary details that can never change, and every wedding planner will have to follow them. For example, sending invitations basic invites can help you so that you may send a few house warming invite or some conventional cards to arrange the food for the guests.

Advantages of a big wedding

Advantages of a big wedding
Meet all the faces

If you are planning to have a big wedding, you will ultimately get to meet many people on your big day. I feel that marriage must be significant in terms of people. Seeing you as a part of a couple will have a different impact on the people around you. To make your wedding a happy occasion, you need to add various colors in it, and no color is bets than the human color.

The luxuries

When it is a big wedding, then there are several plentiful opportunities. For example, if you have booked a great venue, you will enjoy delicious food, luxurious sitting arrangement, and reliable transport.

The décor of your wedding

If you are the one with a strong sense of aesthetics, you may wish for exclusive and exotic wedding décor. In a high budget big wedding, you can have the theme of your choice with various decorating articles at the venue.

Fantastic food

At a big wedding, you can offer several food items, following an exceptional cuisine is not necessary you can add dishes from other related dishes as well. However, you must not order for utterly different food items. It will only spoil the taste of the main courses.

The entertainment and recording

You cannot deny the importance of some memories made on the wedding day, a good photographer and videographer can help you capture them most fantastically. In a big wedding, you may get the chance to have a great photoshoot for your wedding.

A fabulous makeover and dresses

When many people are coming to attend your wedding, you need to look great for entertaining them as a couple. You will have to design your dress with the most beautiful cloth while keeping in mind the apparel and design of your spouse’s suit.

Disadvantages of a big wedding

Disadvantages of a big wedding
Like any other thing, your wedding day and its format can have a lot of disadvantages as well.

Stress and depression

You may feel a bit stressed if you are opting for a big wedding while managing all the big things for your big day. Moreover, if in case something goes out of the plan that you will fall ill or in depression, that is not good for your health at all.

Lack of time

Even though there will be a lot of people at your wedding but when you will managing a long list of things, then you will not be able to have quality time with them.

Budget loss

When there is a lot of people, there will be numerous issues. So, when planning your big wedding, you should have some spare money with you because you never know when you will have to spend the money on accidents and the needs of your guests who have come from far away places.

Your guests will have to pay

In a big wedding, there will be family and friends who would arrive from various cities and countries; they might have to spend more than they can afford, such things can only harm your family as a whole unless you send them the money for traveling to your house.