Curb Appeal: Make your Home Unique with a Custom Garage Door

You may think that a statement garage door would be the best feature of your house. But a well-designed garage door is one that doesn’t stand out. It’s important to keep the size and shapes consistent. Your garage door should blend in well with the rest of your house.

Opt for a sleek exterior design with no distracting elements. After all, everyone can see the exterior of your home so you want it looking as neat as possible. Use a garage door installation service that can help you achieve this look.

You can completely customise the look of your garage door. If you’re looking for some inspiration here are a few modern-day designs that may give you an idea for the perfect garage door for your home.

Vintage Designs with a Modern Twist

Evoke the essence of old Spanish architecture with a beautiful wooden garage door framed by a face brick wall and colourful vines.
Vintage Designs with a Modern Twist
To recreate this design you can use Spanish Cedarwood or redwood. Spanish Cedarwood is resistant to rot and pests. It looks similar to mahogany and it has a pleasant scent. It will leave a beautiful fresh fragrance inside your garage.

Redwood is more expensive as it’s made up of several layers of wood to prevent it from warping.

You can put a modern twist on your vintage garage door by making it fully electrical. Place a sensor on your door for safety so the door can automatically open if obstacles—like a dog or a child playing in the area—are detected.

Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage garage doors were built before cars were invented. This was during a time when people used horses and carriages to travel. People would store their horses and carriages in barns with doors that would open wide to allow the carriage to fit through.

You can have this same effect in your home. The doors come in two sections and open much like carriage doors—hence the name ‘carriage garage doors’. Typically these doors are painted white and have black handles with a series of windows at the top.

You can modify your carriage garage door by using different shapes and designs. Some doors can be arched while others are sleek rectangle shaped.

The carriage garage doors look pleasant on houses out in the countryside as they tie in with the area’s theme.

Vinyl for a Unique Design

Vinyl for a Unique Design
A steel garage door is quite versatile and it’s durable & sturdy. But the appearance of a steel garage door isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Luckily you can completely customise your steel garage door by covering it in vinyl.

Vinyl is an adhesive synthetic resin that’s made into sheets. It’s typically used for wallpapers, floor coverings and car decorations. They come in many different colours and designs & the advantage is that you can strip the vinyl off at any time to replace it with a new finish. It makes it easy to keep up with design trends.

Another advantage of vinyl is you can make your garage door look like a wooden one. So you’ll have the durability of the steel door but the aesthetics of a wooden garage door.

Using vinyl instead of paint is neater too especially if you’re opting for neutral colours such as white or brown.

Hidden Garage Doors

If you want to completely hide the fact that you have a garage why not make it disappear? You can achieve this by blending your garage door with the features of your house. If you have a face brick wall, you can use colours and patterns that mimic this feature so the garage door appears hidden.

Another way you can achieve this look is by using a solid colour garage door that has no patterns, windows or seams. It will appear as if the garage door is simply a wall. Use colours that complement the exterior of your house well. Keep colours and patterns consistent for a controlled look.

A hidden garage door will give your house an elegant contemporary finish and it’s a way to hide the location of your car. That means added security as criminals won’t be sure where to look for your assets.

A Glass Garage Façade

People with houses made with mostly glass will love a garage door made with the same material. Glass garage doors are perfect for displaying cars especially if you place pendant lights inside the room for effect.
A Glass Garage Façade
Glass garage doors can be framed with either black or white steel to make it sturdier. Sectional frames can be used too which makes it easier to roll up.

The glass has a glossy finish which reflects light well and will look stunning on houses in wooded areas.

Final Thoughts

There are many contemporary designs that are inspired by old architecture. But there is another way you can source inspiration for your own ideas: when you go for your next drive or walk around town, observe other people’s houses. Make note of the colours and shapes they use to complement the exterior of their homes.

Use our tips and the neighbourhood as inspiration to make the façade of your home unique & create an eye-catching curb appeal. Impress everyone who drives by from now on!