Exploring French Country Design in The Provinces

French Country design is somewhat of an umbrella term, covering the tastes and preferences of the many different regions in the french countryside. The french provincial style is a breed of french country, only with the unique style of the provinces that dates back centuries. This look is far from the simplistic and rustic elements of general french country decor. Provincial style is distinguishable by colours, prints and mediterranian influences – if you love the look but you’re not quite sure how to integrate it into your pre-existing decor, here’s some easy tips and tricks to echo the charm of the french provinces in your home.

Colour palette

Your easiest way to incorporate the french provincial style into your home is by making some adjustments to your colour palette. This style favours warm colours such as gold, cobalt blues, olives and yellows. Use the bolder colours as accent shades or mix them into your accessories and artworks against your backdrop of harmonious neutrals. As long as you stick to warm tones, you’ll be echoing the refined style of the french provinces in no time.


The fabrics and finishes favoured by French provincial home decor are inviting and elegant. Furnitures will usually be upholstered in natural materials, with mediterrainian style prints embodying the varied demographic of the provincial area. Why not try stripes, ginghams and checks for a homely yet stylish addition? Provincial style will also widely feature florals in wallpaper prints, accessories and upholstery – to reflect the great outdoors.

Shapes and Finishes

The furniture in this style category tends to be really interesting and unique. Intricate, playful lines add visual interest to chairs and tables, which are traditionally crafted from natural materials. All furniture finishes should be worn – roughly in the same vein as shabby chic homewares. By embracing distressed effects and unfinished furnishings you can really bring that rustic French edge to your home.

A simple way to achieve the worn look is to get literal! Real antiques and vintage pieces can bring legitimacy to the heritage vibe your aesthetic will be communicating. Hunt down one off items to introduce a piece of history to your overall french provincial look.
Shapes and Finishes

Have fun!

When you’re selecting new pieces for a french provincial style it’s important to remember to be creative! Although there are some rules for this type of decor, you also need to feel free to add your own quirks, this will provide your space with the same unique charm that the provinces are famous for.

Get playful with your proportions, for example an oversized and vintage looking clock is a provincial classic which will add drama and function to your living space or kitchen. For mirrors, add a combination of smaller and larger pieces, all decorated with shutters or embellishments for added excitement. Be mindful when choosing accessories, instead of a contemporary smooth finish look for hammered metals and rough edges for a more organic feel. Looking to reinvent your bedroom’s furnishing? This style is a great option! You can mix the old with the new to get all the quirks and earthy vibes that the french provincial style is loved for! Go for neutrals with a pop of colour in your upholstery.

These tips will make your home feel relaxed and inviting, but still refined and elegant – exactly in line with the lifestyle in the french provinces! Explore your options to kick start your home’s design journey to the french countryside today.