How to Make The Best Use Out of Apple Peelers

Apple peelers are very simple but a great time saving tool for your kitchen. These days’ life seems pretty busy for most of us and even for those of us who stay home and love cooking all day. But spending a huge amount of time every day in the kitchen is not possible. Thankfully, technology and the advancement of science has gifted us with many time-saving kitchen gadgets that help us to cut down the time of the kitchen work and allow us to still make those tasty treats quickly and easily. One of my mostly used tool in my kitchen is an apple corer, peeler, and slicer. I definitely would say that when I was first given it as a gift, I thought that it would go straight into the last drawer of my cabinets or at the back of a cupboard and stay put there, unused. But my thoughts turned out wrong and I use this neat little gadget somewhat very frequently. It actually increased my family to eat more fruits and vegetables. The thing is if you slice an apple you will definitely won’t be able to resist it. I also use it to make desserts. Browse through some apple peeler reviews to have better understanding on these.
Steps to use an apple peeler
Steps to use an apple peeler:

  • Step 1: Mount the peeler: Make the peeler stable within the surface by mounting it firmly.
  • Step 2: Get an apple which has to be firm and fresh. If there are any bruises, it will be somewhat hard to peel off the skin of the apple.
  • Step 3: Next you have to place the apple inside the peeler. Try your best to make the two ends of the peeler core as straight as possible.
  • Step 4: For the next step just turn the crank in order to make the apple move towards the coring circle. Generally, you can set a variety of depths to slice the peel off in a thinner and thicker way. But then again make sure that it is not too thin that the remains stay on the apple or too thick that it will not be a big waste of the actual fruit.
  • Step 5: Once the apple gets through the coring circle, it easily can remove your spiral-cut apple and help cut slices even if it is on one side. cut at least on one side to create slices.
  • Step 6: Now remove the skin that was peeled off and also removes the skin particles from the core of your peeler and moves on to your next apple.

Apple peelers are very easy to use once you are skilled in with the peeling strategy.

Coring and Slicing

Coring and Slicing
You can just sometimes core and slice apples without peeling the skin off. You can do this with the slicer by taking the first blade out and locking it down with a lever.
Apple peelers to peel potato skins:
Well, apple peelers are multi-dimensional fruit and vegetable peelers. Although you are buying to use your apple peeler to buy apples it is not like you can only peel apples with it. You can also use it to slice other fruits and vegetables as well. Potato skins can be easily peeled by apple peelers. So, the next time you will have a craving for fries. Just grab the potatoes and apple peeler and start peeling.

The Qualities an Apple Peeler Should Have

Apple peelers are made of long and huge blades so you should consider your safety first. I remember when the first time I was trying to use an Apple Peeler I was freaking out because I am a bit clumsy and I was scared of accidentally cutting off my skin. You definitely should look for safety features first and it should have a guard around it the blade. You should also be responsible for your own safety. Handle the peeler properly and keep an eye while peeling.


The next thing to look out for is whether your peeler is designed for efficiency and comfort or not. Some peeler will be so hard that I will find your hands to be red after using it. I have experienced this before. This usually occurs because of the handle being too big or doesn’t have ridges.
If the handle is too thick for your hands you definitely would have a hard time holding it. Also, you will not have proper control over it if your hands are not fitted properly with the apple peeler handle. You need to find the best fit for you and keep searing until you do not. Cause not all handles are going custom made for you.

In my life, I have come across a number of peelers that just get rusted or breaks. The reason behind this is the durability of the blade and build materials. In cases it is not durable enough. So, quality matters. You should go for those peelers which have a warranty. As this shows that the shop is confident about their products which means the quality they offer is good as well. You should also justify the quality of the materials before buying it.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” So, do take your daily dose of apples and vegetables if you need to peel the skin or make the best use out of that apple peeler you have bought. Stay healthy!