Is it Healthy for the Lawn If You Don’t Touch Falling Leaves?

For eons, nature has been replaying the cycle of seasons. When leaves drop from trees in autumn, they litter the ground with multi-colored sheets of organic material to enrich the earth and help flowers bloom in spring.

So it makes sense that you let nature do its thing and leave the falling leaves on the yard, right? Why contact a Charlottesville leaf removal company to clean your yard when the leaves rot and fertilize the ground anyway?

Here are some reasons why you don’t leave heaps of leaves in your yard:
You protect the grass

  1. You protect the grass – Just like any flora, the grass in your lawn needs a lot of sunlight, air, and water. Heaps of leaves will suffocate the grass and prevent the blades of grass from absorbing sunlight, which they need to produce food. You will then realize that in the spring, there are bald patches in your lawn, which needed to be reseeded. This is more significant when the towering canopy of trees covers your property. They require more maintenance due to the shedding involved.
  2. You allow cool-season grasses to bloom – When you’re in Charlottesville, leaf removal is even more critical if you have some cool-season grass on your lawn. In Virginia, both cool-season grass and warm-season grass are grown. Among the types of cool-season grasses include fine fescue, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass. These types of grasses typically take advantage of autumn to become lush.
  3. You prevent the fungus from attacking your lawn – When the snow comes, and it blankets your mound of leaves, it’s the perfect environment for the snow mold to thrive. The snow mold refers to the gray or pink fungal disease that will eventually kill your lawn. It would be costly to make it healthy again.
  4. You maintain the thatch – Most people are not aware of thatch. This refers to the layer that is found between the surface of the soil and the spurting grass blade. When the thatch grows thick, it will hinder air and moisture from being absorbed by the grass.
  5. You protect your drains – Falling leaves can damage your pipes, drains, and gutters. Clogged gutters, for instance, will result in overflowing water, which can put too much strain on the tin material. Pipes can also burst, or your home can flood when water backs up because there’s no outlet.

Also, pests and rodents may find the mound of grass very tempting as a temporary hiding place while they scavenge for food in your home or your compound.
Falling Leaves in garden
One common misconception about Charlottesville leaf removal is that they always bag the leaves to be thrown at the landfill. But they clean your yard, gather your leaves on an assigned area so they can be mulched and used to fertilize your grass. A University of Michigan research revealed that mulching is a great way to keep your yard healthy.

Now, if you need leaf removal services, contact Charlottesville Lawn Care. Their powerful equipment can max up to 1000 CFM, which refers to the volume of air moved, compared to the standard equipment which averages at 600 CFM. This means they can get the job faster and more efficiently.