Simple Rules for Oak Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling has rules that you must follow when you want to get your dream kitchen. 

Remodeling your kitchen spaces has its set of rules that you must follow. Every kitchen designer or contractor will always share different rules that homeowners need to follow.

We’ve summarized the set of rules and created five golden rules that will define your remodeling project.  

Use the work triangle 

The basic rule in kitchen remodeling is to create the work triangle. The work triangle is made up of the gas range, the sink, and the refrigerator. These are the most important kitchen elements that you use on daily basis.

Even when you are planning to install unique oak kitchen cabinets you should plan for this work triangle to feature well in your kitchen.

For the work triangle, you need it compact but at the same time spacious to allow free movement. You can get ideas online to refine your working space in the kitchen.

Make your kitchen social and functional 

You also need to make your kitchen social and functional because it is the heart of your home. There should be an independent entertainment area separated from the work triangle. This area will offer social interaction within the kitchen space.

A kitchen island is one of the provisions that can help you achieve the social and functional value of the kitchen. Just ensure that you also consider the overall aesthetics to keep your kitchen neat. If you have installed oak kitchen cabinets, your kitchen island should also be of a similar or contrasting color.

Think about cabinetry doors and how you will use them

Ensure that the cabinetry doors are accessible and can be opened. You must think about this provision before you buy the set of cabinets that you want to install.

For example, if you are buying oak kitchen cabinets, consider how all the doors will be opened to avoid hindrances in using some drawers.

Create easy access to frequently used items 

You should have a section within your cabinetry for frequently used items for easy access. This will help you to declutter your kitchen space and create an appearance of neatness in it. Using open shelves is one of the ways you can achieve this goal.

Getting started

These rules are sufficient to get you started. Don’t hesitate to contact an interior designer if you are unsure about any of the basic rules explained above.