Top 4 Financial Advice from Self Made Billionaires

To build something greater, you need to do the right thing at the right time in the right place. Becoming a billionaire is a daydream for many while there are truly some people who can imagine and become a billionaire. It requires a strong determination, undying will power, and consistent hard work to be successful.

Now if you ever get a chance to talk with self-made billionaires then what would you ask them? Won’t you like to know how did they achieve financial success? What did they do to reach this position? Then here are the best financial advice from the most popular self-made billionaires. Learn and adopt them in your life to become rich and successful.

Financial Advice

The following financial advice are not some quick rich scheme. These are some basic principles that you need to follow in your day to day life to become wealthy.

Set Financial Priorities

Don’t spend like there is no tomorrow. Most people spend unconsciously when they get their paycheck. They don’t have any priorities on where to spend money. And they struggle to pay their bills at the end of the month sometimes. This is really a bad habit and it can take away all your money even you earn a decent income.
Financial Advices
So, think and set your priorities before you spend your money. Live a simple life and save money for starting a project or building a business or to invest in your growth. Remember, never ever spend more than you earn.

Use the ABZ Plan

This is a great plan developed by Reid Hoffman who is a co-founder of LinkedIn. The ABZ plan suggests that you always have a backup plan so that you never get destroyed if everything goes wrong.

According to this plan, your current job or profession is plan A, it helps you to move forward in life. Then the second plan B, it is a side project you are working on and if plan A fails then you can shift to plan B. Lastly, plan Z is the safety zone, if every plan fails then you can still survive with plan Z.

Invest to Grow Your Money

Start early investment to live a life of financial freedom. When you invest you don’t work, money works for you. Taking early risks helps you to learn from your mistakes and you can get a better lifestyle. Take calculated risks because investing is a risky job. So, invest the amount that you can lose without any hesitation.

There are many investment options such as equities, managed funds, bonds, fixed deposits, and alternative options. The alternative investment options include gold, real estate, and private investments.
Invest to Grow Your Money
In addition, there is a special kind of investment option that has become popular in recent years that is the digital currency. If you want to know more about the cryptocurrency investments, then read more about fight against inflation

Set an Emergency Fund

Having an emergency fund helps you to survive and find an alternative in adverse situations. We all know that life is always uncertain, and anything could happen.

So, it is a wise decision to save at least 6 months of your basic expenses before you take any major financial decision such as investing or starting a business. This will help you from financial stress as well as save your family from any financial problems.


Remember, nobody has become a billionaire overnight. So, keep away from any type of quick reach scheme. Don’t waste your money, time, and energy on those traps. Practice the above financial advice no matter how much you earn. Have patience, and you will find your way very soon if you are consistent in your efforts. Hopefully, the information in this article has provided insights on successful financial habits.