Top 5 Reasons Why White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets are the best for your Kitchen

With shaker cabinets topping the list of trending kitchen interior design ideas in 2023, historic recurrence seems to be nothing more or less than an existing phenomenon. These drawers are now widely considered forms of art in modern interior design; they are memoirs of 19th-century interior art design based on their design features. 

White shaker cabinets are the most prominent of these cabinetry designs. You are way behind if you haven’t installed them yet in your scullery. But don’t fret. 

In this article, you will discover the top reasons why these cabinets are the best for your scullery. 

About White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are named after the ‘Shakers’, a 19th-century European religious sect that is known for separating from the famous Quakers on grounds of spiritual beliefs. The sect, and so, their wares, was widely referred to as the ‘shakers’ because members shook with emotions during prayer and worship sessions. 

To earn a living, these people crafted furniture designs that surpassed expectations in terms of artistic sophistication marked by simplicity. From the 19th-century to the present time, homeowners have considered furniture with the shakers’ design as great works of artistic craftsmanship. 

As I mentioned earlier on, white shaker kitchen cabinets are the most widely acclaimed furniture design associated with the shakers. . They have a distinctive outlook that is simple and appealing. 

Below are the observable features that distinguish them. 

  • Minimal Aesthetics

Simplicity in terms of designs and decorative features is a hallmark feature of all types of shaker-styled furniture. White shaker cabinets are adored by modern homeowners because they emphasize simplicity through the perfect blend of their minimal aesthetics and the soft hue of white. 

  • Shaker Cabinet Doors and Drawers

You can easily distinguish shaker drawers by their doors, regardless of their designs and types. Traditionally, their doors and cabinet drawers are five-pieced, have an in-built recessed center panel, and feature clean lines and very few decorations. 

Modern white shaker cabinets, on the other hand, feature doors made of high-end materials like frosted or clear glass and metallic hardware like golden, stainless steel, or brass knobs, handles, and hinges. 

  • The Color White

You should be able to identify white shaker kitchen cabinets by their white looks if you cannot do so by thy either their doors or minimal aesthetic features. Because the color white has for a long time been prominent in the world of interior design, it is a popular shade for different types of kitchen cabinetries. 

The Popularity of White Shaker Cabinets Explained

Shaker cabinets are not just essential for storage in all types of cookhouses. Globally, they are looked at as additional forms of art in any type of interior they are installed in. Here are seven reasons why you need to consider installing them in your scullery. 

  • They Go with Everything

The simplicity of white-painted shaker drawers is arguably unmatched. Whether you are looking for something old-fashioned or contemporary, their simplicity will surprise you in terms of decorations and neutrality of tone. It is due to this simplicity that they look good in all kitchens, from classic to modern. 

It is very easy to pair these drawers with implements like kitchenware adorned with various colors to achieve any dream kitchen outlook. Hence, white shaker drawers will let your kitchen vibe with your mood by mixing them with colors on kitchen hardware, walls, floors, and backsplashes. 

  • White Shaker Cabinets are Visually Appealing

The clean and sharp appearance of shaker drawers adorned with the bright white shade blended with the shiny aspects of metallic fixtures and implements is not only eye-catching but also rejuvenating. With their bright appeal, you can opt for these drawers if making your cooking hall look spacious is your objective. 

The whitish appeal of white shaker kitchen cabinets can radiate an air of luxury to your cooking hall, regardless of its design, if you maintain it properly and mix it with the right colors.  Whether you go for white-painted shaker drawers with soft wood grain, matt, or laminate finishes, their visual appeal will stun you. 

  • Don’t Break the Bank

Rather than go for high-end cabinetries adorned with fancy decorations and luxurious hardware and be broke until your next paycheck, you can opt for simplicity and save your hard-earned cash. Because shaker drawers feature simple design features and minimal decorations, they are generally cheaper compared to other types of cabinetries. 

It is also cheaper to blend the outlook of these drawers with other colors, thanks to their neutral appeal. Therefore, if you are planning to renovate your kitchen but your budget is fixed, white shaker cabinets should be on top of your priorities in terms of cabinetry. 

  • The Functionality of White Shaker Cabinets

Whitish shaker drawers are not only visually appealing and cost-effective but also functional based on their utilitarian value. Their soft-grained natural wood material is durable as well as smudge and water-resistant. Due to their white shade, clean lines and flat-panelled recessed doors, white shaker kitchen cabinets are the best in terms of keeping the cooking area clean. 

Because they are good at exposing dirt marks and spillages, they can easily let you act timely and promptly on dust particles, dirt marks, and spillages. With a simple regular cleaning and maintenance practice, your scullery is bound to look ever-tidy if you install in it white-painted shaker cupboards. 

  • Compatibility with Modernity

Did you know that simplicity is a core concept in modern interior design? The luxurious appeal of modern kitchens is to a wider extent expressed by the use of minimal decorations and simple but high-quality material designs. This implies that cabinetries that feature simplicity as their hallmark trait are ideal for modern cookhouse designs. 

With white shaker kitchen cabinets, you can easily achieve your dream modern kitchen outlook. All you need to do is to pair them with colors that align with the dream outlook you want inside your cookhouse. 

The Takeaway

Regardless of the design features of your scullery, white shaker cabinets can work best for you, provided you blend them perfectly with the right colors in terms of kitchen walls, hardware, and cabinet fixtures.