Trending Tips for a Relaxing, Beautiful, Yet Functional Bathroom

Even on those cold weekday mornings throughout winter when you would love nothing more than to turn off the alarm and stay in bed, the cozier and more luxurious your bathroom, the easier it becomes to begin your day.

Obviously, your bathroom should be a combination of functionality and beauty, and the following four trending tips will help you strike this balance. 

  1. Focus on Ventilation 

One of the most overlooked factors when people are planning on redesigning their bathroom is to forget about the importance of ventilation, not only for practical reasons but also for a more comfortable and relaxing ambiance. 

Especially if you have chosen to position wooden cabinets and other accessories in the space, condensation can be a real problem in the bathroom due to the constant exposure to steam and hot water, meaning that an open window often is not enough. 

Other ways to properly ventilate the bathroom include the installation of a ceiling fan, ensuring there is a gap at the bottom of the door, trying out a dehumidifier, and regularly wiping down every single surface in the room. 

  1. Small Changes for Big Effects 

Turning your attention to the bathroom’s aesthetics, the easiest and most effective way of creating a calming and meditative atmosphere is to ensure that the windowsill and tops of the cupboards and the area around the bath are as clutter-free as possible. 

In addition, there are also a number of other small changes that will contribute to a beautifully transformed bathroom, including:

  • Replacing your current bath mat
  • Keeping fresh flowers on the windowsill
  • Installing towel hooks on the back of the door to create more space 
  • Hanging a small yet striking chandelier from the ceiling
  • Replacing all of the grout
  1. A Budget Bespoke Transformation 

Should you be in the fortunate position to be able to afford a complete remodeling of your bathroom, then working with experienced designers to turn your dream bathroom into a reality could be possible with a bespoke kitchen design. 

Prominent bespoke bathroom designers and installers will be more than happy to not only work to your budget but also create a beautifully functional bathroom suitable for the people living in your home and their individual needs. 

  1. Invest in a Large Mirror

Instead of the small and subtle mirror in the bathroom that comes attached to the main cabinet, a great way of creating a relaxing bathroom ambiance is to utilize a larger mirror to amplify the volume of natural light in the room.

Long mirrors serve to make a small bathroom appear wider and more spacious, and what is more, if you choose one with an ornate bronze frame, you will also be injecting a vintage element into the decor. 

Should your wall not be suitable for a new, oversized mirror, you could instead consider affixing some LED lights in warm white, not bright white, for the perimeter of the bathroom cabinet.