10 Different Types of Bunk Beds For Kids

Kids need their own individual spaces and creating one for them these days, especially in a small three bedroom and hall apartment can be a nerve wrecking job even when you have a clear idea of your childrens’ needs. Apart from that, if there is one other thing that could bother you, it would most certainly be their demand for unique and individual beds. The only logical solution to this would be choosing a bed that essentially consumes less space, apart from being comfortable separately. Confused ? Don’t be, as the answer to all your worries is here and it is a Bunk Bed.

Types of Bunk Beds

There are several different types of bunk beds out there in the market and they include :

Standard Bunk Beds – Standard bunk beds are the most common ones and have a two bunk setup, each with the same sized mattress stacked with one directly under the other. Standard bunk beds are usually best suited as kids’ beds.

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source: homestratosphere.com

Twin Over Full – A twin over full is similar to a standard bunk bed but as the name suggests, it involves a full sized mattress on the bottom and a twin size on the top bunk.

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source: walmart.com

Futon Bunk – Arranged like a standard bunk, these bunk beds have a Western-style futon couch at the bottom which converts into a bed. These bunk beds are ideal for small flats or studio apartments as the lower part can double as a couch during the day.

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source: roomstogokids.com

L-Shaped Bunk – In this type of setup, the bottom bunk is laid out at a right angle to the top bunk forming an L-shape when viewed from above. The main advantage of this setup is that it allows for a desk, chair or other furniture to be placed in the space under the top bunk.

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source: amazon.co.uk

Loft Bed – A loft bed is similar to the L-shaped bunk in terms of the space underneath which can be used for other furniture such as a sofa, desk or a chest of draws. The difference is that it only has the top bunk with no bottom bunk. They can even be made with features such as storage draws or a workstation built in.

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source: thewowdecor.com

Triple Wretham Loft Bed – This is where a standard bunk bed setup is attached to a loft bed, making three bunks in total. All the three beds are stacked one above the other making it an excellent space saving, yet modern and comfortable setup.

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source: heromes.com

Study Bunk Bed With A Desk – The study design bunk bed has a desk or a workstation at the ground level instead of the usual bed. While some will simply have a shelf, others would rather prefer a fully equipped built in desk and shelving.

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source: netheaduniversity.com

Contemporary style Bed – The contempoprary style is defined by its essence of the now. It can embrace a plethora of variations with a wide variety of themes, shapes, and textures,while keeping in mind that they are up to date, fresh, and original.

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source: reclaimeddesignworks.com

Industrial style Bunk Bed – As the name suggests, these bunk beds exhibit a purpose-built look and a factory tools feel, utilizing metal and wood in a hard-edged, sturdy construction.

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source: chewcon.com

Modern Style Bunk Beds –¬†Modern style involves which are based around the mid-20th century and what stand out is such arrangements are the efficient, clean shapes and a marvelous blend of functional and aesthetic values.

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source: brirock.com