What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of Gold?

Since early civilisations, we have used gold as the foundation of material wealth and much like any other valuable commodity, the price of gold varies depending on the market and other factors. The price of gold, called the spot price, is set several times per day. With that in mind, here are some of the variables that can affect the price of gold.

Supply & Demand

Like all other commodities, the price of gold is affected by the supply-demand ratio; if many people are buying gold, this will drive the price up. In the event you are watching the price of gold and you think the price is high, you can sell to one of the reputable gold buyers in your area who offer spot price for all forms of gold, including scrap gold jewellery. Gold is known to be a very stable commodity, making it ideal when other investments look risky, which is definitely the case in 2022.

Economic Uncertainty

When the economy is unstable, this can affect the price of gold; volatile markets drive investors into a safer market and gold has always been seen as a safe investment. When the demand for gold rises, so does the spot price, which is good news for those who have already invested in gold. If you are one of those who have invested in this precious metal, you may want to sell your gold Adelaide dealers or investors would be happy to acquire. For those located outside Australia, an online search should lead you to a gold dealer near you.

Jewellery Industry

Yes, the jewellery sector can affect the spot price of gold. If more jewellery is made, then the demand for gold increases, which usually leads to a rise in the price of gold. The past few years have seen the jewellery sector using more gold than the year before, which is good news for investors. If you have scrap gold jewellery, the gold bullion dealer is the best place to sell; separate the purity into groups, as 9k is less valuable than 18k.


This is the rising cost of living and it can impact the price of gold. Controlled inflation means a healthy economy, but once inflation starts to rise, this typically leads to a higher demand for gold. One sign of rising inflation is volatile fiat currencies, which sends investors into the gold market, which is more stable than the US dollar or any other currency.

ETF Gold Trading

Gold is traded using ETFs and this market can impact the spot price of gold; again, if there are signs of an ailing economy, gold trading is normally brisk and that drives up the price. If you are thinking about adding gold to your investment portfolio, it is a good idea to do some online research into gold’s performance, which should help you make an informed decision.

As you can see, there are many variables connected to the price of gold and if you are planning to invest, now is a good time to start doing some research and add to your investment portfolio. Search with Google for your nearest gold bullion dealer and make an appointment to acquire some gold bullion now, before the surge.