What Every Woman Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

Having hair grow in unwanted places is annoying for anyone, regardless of their sex. Lots of people spend their time trying to make themselves look good and this can often involve shaving, which isn’t a permanent solution.

For women it’s a bit more serious because of the societal view of more hair being a show of masculinity. That is why most women shave their excess hair.

In fact, research has shown that over twenty million American women remove facial hair on a weekly basis. Most of the popular methods are waxing and use of hair removal creams.

In this blog post we’re going to cover some of the things you need to know before going for hair removal surgery.

How is it done?

Laser Hair Removal1
Laser hair removal is done by using a pulsating beam of light to remove the hair. The laser penetrates the root of the hair follicle to stunt its future growth.

Its primary target is melanin which is responsible for hair growth. The energy in the laser destroys the melanin and prevents future growth of the hair. That is why after this procedure from a reputable Laser Hair Removal Bristol service provider, your skin remains smooth throughout but requires regular maintenance.

Timing matters a lot

As simple as it may sound, laser hair removal is not a procedure you want to rush into. Hair goes through different stages and the best stage for laser hair removal is at the anagen (growing) stage.

This treatment therefore requires spacing of a minimum of six weeks to allow any remaining hair to grow from the catagen (death) stage. With continuous treatment, it disappears completely.

Skin color affects laser hair treatment

Laser Hair Removal2
Remember, melanin is the main target for laser hair removal surgery. Research has shown that the laser hair removal treatment is less effective in dark skinned people due to the inability of the laser to differentiate between the skin pigment and the pigment of the hair follicles. This can also lead to side effects and therefore, you need to look for a clinic where they use newer laser technology, which is able to differentiate skin pigment and follicle melanin.

Hair color makes a difference

When it comes to laser hair treatment, women and men with lighter colored hair are not best suited for this procedure. This is due to lesser pigment in the hair follicle making it difficult for the laser to remove the hair.

Thus, the best thing for light hair colour is to try other hair removal mechanisms than wasting money on something that won’t work. However, there is no blanket ruling on this and therefore many specialists handle this on case-by-case basis.

Hair removal isn’t permanent

Though very effective for hair removal, laser hair surgery is not permanent. The best thing with it is that with the hair removed from the root, the growth process is stunted and therefore takes longer to grow.

For effective laser hair removal, choose a reputable Laser hair Removal in Bristol service provider and enjoy the experience with experts.