10 Ways to Refresh Your Living Room for Winter

After New Year’s Day, the most boring time of winter lasts until Valentine’s Day. Any interior designers Santa Barbara can tell you that sprucing up your living room is an easy way to lighten your spirits. Here are ten cheap and easy suggestions for a centering refresh:

1. Organize Your House

Organize Your House
Decluttering a space allows you to take ownership over it and reminisce on the year’s activities. Cleaning your living also creates a blank canvas on which you may paint your new additions.

2. Add a Vignette

Think of a vignette like adding a three dimensional painting to your house. It creates a point of interest that can liven up a boring end table or cabinet top. Choose winter-themed objects such as a basket of pine cones or evergreen branches.

3. Change Your Pillows

Swapping out your throw pillows and blankets can feel like you just got new furniture. Choose lighter and brighter colors to reduce the heaviness that the cold light of winter brings.

4. Choose a Few Plants

What better way to add life to a room than to include something living? A small shrub gives a touch of greenery when the world outside is grey. If being a plant parent sounds like too much work, choose a faux plant or cut flowers.

5. Indulge in Trendy Accessories

Indulge in Trendy Accessories
Even if you’re the type of person who ignores the latest fashions, it can be fun to give in to a trend. Go with wall décor ideas such as a distressed farmhouse sign or an all-white accent. They’re popular for a reason and you can always throw them out when spring is sprung.

6. Get Candles

This category is even more versatile than it first appears. Candles by themselves are classy and make your space feel more sophisticated. Lit candles, whether burning or electric, generate light to quite literally brighten your living room. If you use scented candles, they can also add cheery vanillas, spices, and more to your home.

7. Create Brighter Windows

Take those heavy curtains off your daytime light sources and replace them with sheers or blinds. Clean the glass inside and out if the weather permits and watch your rooms shine.

8. Scrap the Screens

Unless you’re planning on opening your windows in the middle of winter, your screens serve no purpose. Removing them lets a surprising amount of natural light into your living room.

9. Mirror Your Space

They don’t just look stylish, mirrors actually reflect the light in the room. Increase the effect by hanging them across from windows or lamps.

10. Redo Your Lights

Redo Your Lights
New lamp shades feel like new lamps for a fraction of the price. You can even do something simple like painting your plain shades. Check your lightbulbs as well, because burnt out or cool-toned lighting make an even more depressing environment in winter.

Even if you live someplace with sunny skies, the long nights and cold days are enough to give anyone the blues. Refreshing your living room injects fun and creativity into a dreary winter. For more inspiration, find an interior design Santa Monica studio you respect and get a consultation.