3 Tips to Being Lady Like in a Short Prom Dress

While it may come naturally for most women, some of us may need a bit of assistance with regards to behaving in a ladylike manner. This issue typically arises during events where dresses and formal wear are involved, and particularly emphasised with regards to short dresses.

While not a life-threatening concern, knowing how to act in a becoming manner may be advantageous to your prom night pursuits too. Aside from eliminating risks of accidentally flashing someone, being a proper lady does have its own charm.

So, let’s look into three ways that you can be more ladylike in a short dress:

1. Find an appropriate length.

Find an appropriate length.
Going for a short dress doesn’t mean choosing just any miniature ensemble. You still need to ensure that you are wearing a dress that is an appropriate length. Let’s be honest, there is no way to act like a prim and proper young lady if your dress is way too short it can barely cover your bottom and all your intimates are having a peek-a-boo session with your date (or the rest of the attendees).

The proper dress length is a continuing debate but a rule of thumb that many follow is the “fingertip-length” test, wherein the dress has to go past the tips of your fingers.

If, with your hands straight down, your fingers can touch your legs, then your dress may be too short. While this may work for those with ample arm’s length, girls with shorter arms or longer torsos may find themselves at still awkward lengths. Also, some dresses may be designed in a way that they appear longer in the front and shorter at the back, so you have to take note of these too.

2. Sit properly.

Sit Properly
Yes, there is a proper technique for sitting, particularly when wearing short dresses and skirts. In addition to exuding elegance and sophistication, the way a woman sits also speaks volumes about her upbringing.

Women should sit with an erect posture and with both legs together, basically because this keeps the hemline of the dress or skirt low and her undergarments hidden from view. Legs should always be kept together, but not crossed over (or overlapping).

Specifically, never cross your legs if you are sitting on a low chair. If you really want to cross your legs, only do so at the ankles, putting one foot right behind the other, and then having your legs lean slightly to one side. Make sure that there is no space between your ankles.

Also, gently smooth your skirt or dress under you using your hands to avoid the material from getting rumpled or hitching up when you sit down. To make this one less worry to think about, there are varying designs and styles for short prom dresses you can buy now at Peaches Boutique that will not wrinkle or scrunch up when you sit down.

3. Be extra careful.

Be extra careful
Since you are wearing a short ensemble, you obviously need to be more vigilant about unnecessary exposures. Be cautious about dropping things because it may be quite a challenge picking these up.

Under no circumstance should you ever bend from the waist straight down. Instead, press your legs together and try to squat while making sure that your legs stay pressed together. Then slightly turn your legs to one side as you pick up the object you dropped. This may be a slower way to pick it up but it’s also more ladylike and sophisticated.

However, at the end of the day, if being ladylike in a short dress isn’t your cup of tea, then go ahead and choose other dress options.