4 Tips for Purchasing the Right Fake Eyelashes

With the wide use of the internet around the world, many changes can be seen. Especially in the lifestyles that people are leading now and how it was before the internet.

Among others, fashion is significantly more important nowadays. People are always posting on their social media feeds and stories. They are following the styles of their idols and online influencers.

Therefore, finding the right eyelashes is imperative because they will define your entire look and personality. They can undoubtedly take your outfit to a new level, but only the right ones.

So, let’s get into a few tips for finding the right lashes.

Look At Your Eyelashes

Not all fake eyelashes are made the same. That is why it’s imperative to find the right ones for you. For instance, you can get the small eyelashes at Nikkia Joy Cosmetics if your eyes are delicate.

One mistake many make is going with super long lashes when their real ones are relatively short. While your entire reason for wearing eyelashes may be to make them longer, avoid overdoing it.

Try to enhance your eyelashes with a style that suits your natural look. It’s always better to have a subtle style enhancement than to make it too obvious.


Every Day, Particular Event, Or Both?

Since you now know that not all eyelashes are the same, it’s also important to note that you need to wear the right ones at the right time.

Some lashes give you a more retro look, some may be more suitable for fashionable events, and others are right for everyday use. Depending on your reason for purchasing fake eyelashes, you should choose the most appropriate ones.

Find Something for Beginners

Not all lashes are suitable for beginners. Some are better for people who wear fake eyelashes a lot or have been using them for quite a while.

If you find a black band on the fake eyelashes, try to move on from those. They may look like you applied some eyeliner, but they need to be correctly put on to avoid errors or imperfections.

Instead, you can try to go for the clear band. These are much better for beginners because you don’t have to worry about the band’s alignment. Having eyelashes with a transparent band is also more suitable for casual daytime wearing.


Get the Right Glue and Fishtail Tweezers

Many users don’t have a good reaction to wearing the lashes for the first time. It’s usually not because of the fake lashes but the glue that they use.

Therefore, you should try latex-free formulas or glue made for peoples with allergies. However, you can still go for the regular lash flue first as well. But are you willing to take the risk?

Other than the glue, you need to have a good pair of eyelash applicators or fishtail tweezers. It’s a tool with a small clamp at one end that can get your fake lashes in the right place. While there are metal ones, try to go with soft rubber tips to avoid any injuries.