4 Types of Insurance Everyone Needs

As an adult, insurance is the essential financial security you would need. It covers you, your savings and, above all, people close to you.

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If you search for the types of insurance, there’s a long list of them. This may prompt you to ask: “What type of insurance do people actually need?” While there is no universal answer to this question, there are many pointers to the fact that some types of insurance are more important compared to others. We have come up with a list of four of these must-have insurance covers below.

  1. Health Insurance

Insurance Everyone Needs2

When you are ill, health insurance covers your medical costs. This type of insurance is probably the most important. Health, they say, is wealth. If you have compromised health, you are most likely unable to carry out any other activity. Hence, your health affects every aspect of your life and should be insured. Many individuals are able to obtain health insurance via their employer or hiring company but through the private market, you can still get it. There are several grades of coverage you can buy, just like any other type of insurance. An extensive insurance would cost more than the basic health care.

  1. Life Insurance

There are lots of benefits you can get from life insurance. Should you die, life insurance will cover your funeral costs. This will be of real help to your immediate family and relatives if you are the breadwinner. Parents typically buy life insurance to create a financial reserve for their children in the event of their premature death. The types of life insurance to consider are of 2 types, namely: term life and whole life. Term life covers you for a period of 20 to 30 years. It is also cheaper than the whole life, and most people that choose this option have grown up children. Whole life guarantees your family a death benefit as it covers you your whole life.

  1. Auto Insurance

Family, house and car insurance concept

Auto insurance is a requirement if you drive. Your insurance provider covers the damages if you are responsible for any vehicle hazard. Auto insurance also offers additional coverage such as collision and comprehensive which definitely cost more. Factors like your age, place of work and the age of your vehicle determine how much you spend on car insurance and insurance providers differ in their ways of weighing each variable.

  1.  Long-term Disability Insurance

The one insurance plan many of us think we’re never going to need is long-term disability coverage. Yet, according to the SSA, 25% of members of the workforce will become disabled before they reach the age of retirement. You can easily purchase long-term disability insurance if your employer doesn’t offer you one. Disability insurance charges are based on many variables, including age, living environment, and quality of life. The average price is 1% to 3% of the salary you earn annually. Some of these plans do not kick-in for a period of 3 months. Therefore, you should speak to a representative about the specifics before purchasing one.

Insurance plans help protect your interests, both immediate and long-term, and this is why you should consider getting the basic insurance covers which are listed above.