5 Essential Tips for Planning a Hen Party

As of 2018, there are at least 61.24 million married couples in the United States. As the marriage rate increases, the Hen Party concept is making a strong comeback.

What is a hen party? It’s the feminine equivalent of a stag party: It’s a party for a woman who’s about to get married.

Fun fact: Many people use the term “bachelorette party” to describe hen nights.

The bride-to-be deserves to enjoy the best hen night of her life. But that’s not going to happen if you don’t know how to start planning effectively.

Here are 5 things you should know about throwing a hens’ party:

1. Budget

First, you must decide upon a budget for the party. Determining a budget involves calculating the costs and arriving at a reasonable amount. The more elaborate the party is, the more costly it will be.

If party guests have to pay anything, let them know well in advance. That way, they can save up money for the event.

2. Decide On a Date

Always ask the bride and her close loved ones before deciding on a date. This ensures that more of the bride’s loved ones will be able to attend the party.

Choose the date at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance to give guests enough time to take off of work for the party. Make sure the date doesn’t conflict with any other important events of weddings.

3. Book Transportation In Advance

If the hen night you’re planning involves going to different locations, you’ll need to book transportation. Simply reserve a party bus, limo, or other transportation in advance.
Book Transportation In Advance
Include transportation costs in your budget. Your guests won’t appreciate getting slapped with extra costs after the party.

4. Plan, Plan, Plan!

Have a solid game plan for how the party will proceed. Write out a detailed party outline to use as a guide.

Book all the reservations you want as early on in the planning process as possible. It would be a bummer if you couldn’t snag a reservation to the bride’s favorite place to eat in time.

Everyone who’s involved in planning Australian hen parties should use this hens’ party planner for inspiration, organization, and scheduling. The aforementioned link will take you to a planner that helps you find fun activities and intriguing locations to make the night more memorable than ever.

5. Be Inclusive About Your Party Games

Plan hen party games that include everyone at the party. Take each person’s demographics and limitations into account during the planning process. For example, if the bride’s grandmother with knee pain is coming, don’t plan something like a hike.
Be Inclusive About Your Party Game s
Make sure you include at least 1 ice-breaker game to help everyone get introduced to each other.

Throw The Best Hen Party of All Time

Around 55% of bachelorette parties occur within a month of the wedding. Whatever you do, make sure your hen party isn’t too close to the actual wedding date. After all, you and the bridesmaids need time to recuperate.

Remember: Take the bride’s interests into consideration when planning the activities and games. Better yet, impress her even more by throwing a theme party she’ll love!

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