5 Fun Games To Play With Friends

Games help friends to pass time and bond. It is also a wonderful way to create memories. If you have pending assignments that are stopping you from joining friends, hire professional master thesis writing service to complete the assignment on your behalf. It will give you more time with friends and also help you to build an interesting college experience.

The best games for friends are those that will accommodate the physical and intellectual ability of those who have joined the party or picnic. Some do not require any props, helping you to play anywhere and at anytime. They also instill a sense of competition, beyond helping the team to know each other better. Here are excellent games for friends to enjoy and pass time.

Tug of War


Tug of war is a game of muscles. You will need a strong rope and a field where participants will not be hurt when they fall. It works best when you have two teams competing for supremacy. Still, you can play like a tournament where some are eliminated upon defeat.

The fun in a tug of war lies in competing. If the team is large, you may select some cheerleaders to encourage those holding the rope. It
is fun to win and also leave the other team with a reason to try harder the next time you play.

Balloon Popping

Balloons offer endless options when friends come together for games. It is your creativity that will determine the level of fun you enjoy with the balloons. They are fit for kids, youths, and adults, based on the games you choose.

Some of the balloon games you may play include searching for names in a stuck of balloons, blowing until it busts, busting the balloon with different body parts, and passing the balloon across the team, among others. Choose balloons of different colors and sizes. The balloons offer endless fun for any group of friends, regardless of their age and stature.

Egg and Spoon


The egg and spoon are other props that can be used for endless games. The two most common are racing with the boiled egg on the spoon across the finish line without dropping it and passing the egg to your friend using the spoon on your mouth. You may improvise other games to make your event or party more interesting.

Truth or Dare

How well do you know your friend and the extent he or she can go? Truth or Dare is a game that will help you know each other as well as push each other to the limits. Luckily, it can be played by as few as two people. It is not a competition but will help you to bond easily.

Silly Olympics


Olympics are for highly skilled athletes but if you have a chance to be silly, you can also become an Olympic champion. The options for crazy Olympics include walking like a crab, running inside a suck, balloon volleyball, and egg relays, among others.

Most of the games with friends involve improvising. They also do not require a lot of physical energy, helping you to relax. The games will help you to bond and create the most beautiful memories.