5 Helpful Methods to Get Inspired to Write a Perfect Essay Topic

Writing an excellent essay is never easy. And without inspiration, you will find it hard even to start. While you have the essay writing requirements from your tutor, you may feel tired, bored, confused, or disempowered. What matters most in that case, is whether you are inspired or not.

Not to mention, your title is critical. It’s what will inform your outline, the introduction, thesis statement, and essay body. So, if you have sufficient inspiration to come up with a perfect essay title, the rest of the pieces will fall into place. Here are some ways essay writers can use to get inspiration for your essay titles. Make sure you always choose to send your writing work into PDF format and you don’t have worry about editing that PDF file, because you can look sodapdf.com to do your pdf file editing.

1. Choose Something That Interests You

When your teacher reads through the essay, he or she will know whether you are passionate about the topic. The reader can tell from the essay’s flow and the way you put your points. If you have been given a topic, and don’t have much of choice, try to find a more interesting angle to write about.
Choose Something That Interests You
If your instructor reads the essay and doesn’t find it captivating or engaging enough, you may not be awarded that scholarship or receive top marks for it. However, an essay could be lacking in other areas, but a catchy topic followed by an interesting flow can turn the tables.

2. Select an Area You Know about

Most professors will give you different topics to choose the one you want. Better still, other teachers will give out the requirements and leave you the freedom to select a suitable essay topic. That’s when you realize freedom is good but not easy to exercise.

A fast way to get inspiration for your topic in such a case would be to choose something you are familiar with and have written on before. When you already have information about something, it won’t take you a long time to research and write about.

Besides, the essay will flow, as you won’t lack ideas. So, in your next essay, try to go for a topic you know something about. You will realize that the entire writing process will be easier and faster.

3. Start Researching

Once you select a topic, you know something about and one that interests you; you will need the inspiration to craft a highly informative piece that’s relevant to your course work. That’s not as difficult as you might imagine.
Start Researching
Sometimes, you only need to take a look at your lecture notes, handouts, and course textbooks to get started. While the professor may give you the freedom to write on a topic of your choice, he or she still expects everything to be within the scope of what you have learned so far.

So, when creating the outline, consult the class notes and textbooks to know what concepts, theories, and examples are worth including in your essay body to make it more relevant and interesting.

While you don’t have to duplicate what’s in your notes here, you can use creativity to ensure the essay doesn’t stray from the scope of the topics you have already covered in class.

4. Ask for Guidance from a Teacher or Advisor

Stuck on what angle to take after choosing a topic? Don’t shy off from asking your teacher or classmate on what possible direction the essay topic should take. You can find out what some of your friends have written for the same essay and get inspiration on how to approach the topic.

What’s more, most teachers will ask you to submit a topic, so they check and confirm it first. That’s a great opportunity for you to ask the instructor one or ideas on how to make the topic better. Once you try any of these approaches, you will be surprised at how easy finding inspiration can be.

5. Narrow Your Focus

Once you have an idea what to write about, it’s time to narrow the scope of your topic to something specific. If possible, focus on a single idea and write about it. For example, instead of writing about “Why I love watching psychological thrillers” choose a specific movie in that genre and write about it.
Narrow Your Focus
The idea is to avoid writing on a broad topic that lacks focus and choose one idea to write on. This approach will make it easy to write and the paper.


Writing an essay starts with the topic. To write a top-notch essay, be sure to choose the best topic. You can try many ways to arrive at that, including asking the teacher, consulting books and class notes, writing on something you know about and picking a topic that interests you.

Once you choose the best essay topic, don’t start writing before you create an outline. Also, remember to edit the essay before submitting it to ensure it’s free from grammar and syntax mistakes.