5 Top EMI Card Every Shopaholic Must Have

If you believe retail therapy is the cure for the weekly blues, but you’re worried that you cannot indulge in a wholesome shopping spree because of the finances, then this article is going to take away a lot of your worry. Here are the best five EMI cards that everyone must have up their sleeves.

What is EMI?

Now, you might wonder what EMI is. EMI stands for Equity Monthly Instalment, and it works just like any other loan, but the weight is obviously more relaxed. A fixed amount of money is paid from the ‘borrower’ to the ‘lender’ each month, and thus, the principle and interest gets paid.


There are EMI schemes that require no down payment at all, in fact. The whole sum is retrieved in installments from the borrower’s bank account, over a stipulated period.

How to apply for EMI cards?

Even though there might be a few variations, the procedure is pretty much similar to every bank. The individual applying for the EMI card must be of 21 years and above, and she/he must state his regular source of income. 

Identity proof documents need to be verified and uploaded. Lastly, the processing fee has to be paid, and that is different for each product group. For example, the fee for furniture might be different from that of electronic appliances.

The 5 Must-Have EMI cards

Bajaj Finserv


With the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card, you can shop for clothes (menswear, ladieswear), electric appliances, furniture, finance your travels, healthcare et cetera. They are partnered with over 60000 stores and can loan up to 4 lakhs. The borrower gets to choose a period of 3, 6.9,12,18,24 months to repay the whole amount, according to her/his ease. 

It is a very hassle-free procedure with no tedious multi-tiered verification processes. There is a very minimal requirement of documents. That besides, the EMI Network card enables you to be eligible for a myriad of offers all year round. With very less down payment or no down payment, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card user is a happy shopper.


Another handy EMI card is Kissht. This requires you to make an account and it literally only takes about 2 minutes. Only the Aadhar card, PAN card, and a post-dated cheque are needed for verification. Also, the monthly income of the applicant should be more than Rs 12,000. 

Kissht has ‘instant loan approvals,’ and even though the borrower cannot get large sums of money, she/he can contently shop from more than 50 sites including Flipkart, MakeMyTrip and Amazon. Kissht has also partnered with over 3000 offline retail stores, and they give their account holders regular discounts and packages on shopping, travel, holidays et cetera. 

IDFC First Bank 

The Easy Buy Card enables you to buy whatever you set your eyes on, without having to think about instant payments. With this EMI card, you can also buy furniture, clothes, electrical appliances and return the loan amount throughout a stipulated time. 

For purchasing the Easy Buy Card, you first must be existing customers of Consumer Durable and Two Wheeler Loan. The IDFC First Bank also reserves the right to grant you this EMI card, based on your history of repayment.

The loan amount varies from person to person, but all cardholders can shop from a varied number of online stores and pan-India retail stores.

To check the loan amount, you can text “EBC” to 83903 06070, or you can call on their hotline: 1860 500 9900.

American Express

download (1).jpg

The American Express EMI card gives you the option of converting any purchase of Rs 5000 or above into EMI. Partnered with offline retail stores like Croma, Samsung, Bose, etc. and online sites like Flipkart, Amazon, and Yatra to name a few, this card makes you enjoy the benefits of a loan but with much less interest. 

For opening the account, you will have to furnish necessary details like DOB and annual income, and the verification step requires only a handful of documents like Aadhar and PAN. 

Once you have an account made, you can swipe your card at over 200 stores and later repay the money little by little with an interest of 1.17% PM only.


ICICI’s Instant EMI has over 250 partners from where you can make your purchases. It works when you request your ICICI card to be converted into the Instant EMI card. 

The loan amount can be repaid over 3,6,9,12,18 and 24 months. A lower interest rate of 13% (on reducing basis) is applied to periods between 3 to 12 month and 15% (on reducing base) on 18 and 24 months. 

The ICICI Instant EMI comes with no processing fee or document verification.