8 Simple Rules to Find the Best Shapewear for Your Wedding Dress

You have found the man of your dreams, and the wedding date has been fixed. Now a number of things have piled up, in order for you two to have the perfect wedding ceremony.

Guest list. Check. Event planner. Check.

Wedding dress. Check. Wedding dress shapewear…

What? You haven’t been able to pick the right one yet?

Fret no more. Follow this guide from faveable to get all the tips and tricks to find the perfect shapewear for your dream wedding dress. Enjoy!

1.Get It Before the Fitting

Get It Before the Fitting
Your shapewear has to be invisible under your wedding dress. It is better for you to alter for adjustments if it’s not the right fit.

You don’t want extra linings coming out when you’re dancing at the wedding. You need to be absolutely sure that it is safe under your dress.

Have a trial fitting with your wedding dress before the actual wedding ceremony. Otherwise, you don’t want this small thing messing up your big day.

2.Get the Right Size

Depending on your dress, you may be thinking that if it’s a size smaller or bigger, you would look better. Are you sure?

You need expert advice when you are fishing for the right size of shapewear. You also need to understand your body type to pick the right one. In addition, you want to get the shapewear that helps you either hide or enhance the different parts of your body.

3.Corsets vs. Bustiers

Corsets vs. Bustiers
Here are a few facts to understand the difference between the two. Corsets are for cinching and bustiers are for boosting the curves. However, corsets are more pricey than bustiers, since they are not mass produced.

Secondly, corsets have laces while bustiers have a hook-and-eye system. Finally, corsets end at the hip, whereas bustiers end along your waist.

Unless your wedding gown has full coverage, corsets are not the right option for you. You need to have a trial with your dress before you decide to wear a bustier.

4.Stomach, Thighs, and Hips

If your gown is designed to fit around your thighs, like a mermaid gown, you can opt for bodysuits and leg shapers. Meanwhile, to have a smooth stomach, you can choose high-waisted panties and cinchers.

Worried about your butt? You need something that enhances your derrière. On the other hand, if you want to add some extra layers in that area, get padded panties or butt-lifting shorts.

5.Comfort Level

Comfort Level
Of course, you want to look good at your wedding. But not at the expense of your comfort!

You have to try on the shapewear a few times to check whether you will be comfortable wearing it on the big day. This is because you will be spending a good amount of time in it sitting, walking, dancing and having fun.

6.Texture and Color

Now that you have figured out which shapewear to pick for yourself, you also need to be mindful of its texture. You don’t want something that can hyperventilate you or give you rashes.

You also need to make sure the shapewear is nude in color so that it does not ruin the dress. Usually white is everybody’s go-to color for weddings, so stick to inner wears that are similar to that.

7.Shapewear According to Your Body Type

Shapewear According to Your Body Type
First of all, you need to know the type of body you have. You may have a rectangular figure, hourglass, be apple-shaped or pear-shaped. Go through the guideline below to understand which shapewear is for you.


Rectangular body types have a slim waist, petite breasts, and hips. You may also have skinny legs and shoulders. Models have this body, so you can fit into any type of dress, and look good.

Butt -lifting boy shorts are for you so you can add some lift to your butt. Shapewear that can lift your boobs is also recommended.


You have an hourglass body when your boobs and hips are the same sizes, and your waist is slimmer with a contoured shape. It may sound like you have the ideal body, but little do people know that you have to work hard to prevent yourself from gaining extra weight.

The right shapewear for you will prevent extra bulges from popping out. So you need full body shapewear that can smooth out your stomach and back while amplifying your curves.


Pear-shaped women have small boobs and big hips. Also, one of the ideal body types.

You need something to accentuate your busts and minimize your buttock region. If you have extra bulges in your stomach or back, opt for shapewear that smooths them out.


Apple-shaped ladies have big boobs, big belly, and narrow buttocks. You need shapewear to minimize the upper section of your body and enhance your buttock region.

Bodysuits that smooth out your stomach and lift up your breasts, while accentuating your buttocks is the best shapewear for your wedding dress. You will look bomb on your big day!

8.Shapewear According to Your Dress

We are going to learn about the types of shapewear you need based on the dress you have picked up for yourself. Don’t miss your fittings. Because if your dress changes, you have to change the shapewear as well.

a.Strapless Dress

You will need a strapless bra or a silicon bra if you have decided to wear a strapless wedding gown. Mind the color and the texture of the shapewear to avoid accidents.

Moreover, if you need an extra boost in your chest and some smoothing in your stomach, get corsets that give you that shape.

b.Halter Neck Dress

It can be hard to find the right shapewear for halter neck dresses. Plunge bodysuits will give your stomach a fine finish while letting you show off your toned arms, back, and neckline.

c.Mermaid Dress

Mermaid dresses will hug your entire body, so you have to choose a shapewear that contours all of your body.

Bodysuits may do the work. But if your dress is strapless, opt for bodysuits with no straps. Butt-lifting boy shorts will work magic on your booty!


Most brides will start following a strict diet before their wedding date. It is nerve-wracking but everybody wants to look their best on that day.

Shapewear will add volume to your body wherever you need it, at the same time, smooth out fats as required. Hence, there is no way you will look bad in your wedding dress.

Our last piece of advice is that make sure you do everything in advance so that everything goes perfectly, and you have a great time at your wedding.

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