Activewear Trends to Eye For this 2020

With the increasing awareness and concern for health and fitness, the number of people hopping into the active lifestyle bandwagon has only grown through time. As a result, activewear has become so popular that the idea of athleisure, or wearing gym wear for casual purposes, has become one of the latest fashion trends.

Trends in gym gear, just like any other segment of the fashion industry, continue to change through time. With the demand for activewear for girls from Black Milk clothing, you will be surprised at how brands manage to come up with so many different and unique designs for your sports bras, leggings, cycling shorts, and other gym gear that you thought could not look any different.

Nowadays, you will find colourful and exotic prints, as well as intricate fabric cuts in the world of activewear. There are many online sites like Black Milk clothing, for instance, that have pastel and cotton candy colours for leggings and gym tops. This 2020, several trends dominate in activewear, and the industry continues to grow as it is expected to reach about $547 billion by 2024.

Sustainable Gear

Coupled with the trend for active lifestyles is the increasing concern for sustainability. Thus, sustainable activewear is growing in demand as more and more consumers are looking to purchase eco-friendly sportswear. Several brands have already started looking into using more sustainable materials such as recycled plastic, foam compounds from algae, econyl, and tencel to promote consciousness for the environment.
Sustainable Gear
Many footwear brands, in particular, have partnered with other companies to incorporate eco-friendly materials into sneakers and running shoes. Sustainable activewear is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends this year and is expected to continue being a popular choice for shoppers.

Shiny and Metallic Designs

Shiny, metallic, and coated leggings are trending like crazy this 2020. Given the rise of athleisure and the blurring of the lines between gym wear and casual wear, more and more people are on the hunt for shiny and glittery leggings that are sure to turn heads when worn outside!

While leggings used to come in traditional solid colours, you will now find several prints, textures, and designs to spice up activewear for girls from Black Milk clothing. For example, there are many offline and online stores like Black Milk clothing that offer activewear for girls with coated and velvet leggings, or with fun prints like tropical, galaxy, floral, and so many others!

Sculpting Bottoms

Through time, activewear has evolved to deliver better customer value by incorporating technology in the design and manufacturing of the clothes. Brands have looked into combining fashion and functionality by adding features such as pockets and zippers in leggings to place your phones easily. The real booming trend, however, can be seen in the rise of waist contouring and sculpting leggings or bottoms, which have become a hit and continue to be the most sought after workout bottoms today.
Sculpting Bottoms

Yoga Apparel

Yoga apparel is at its prime as the yoga culture only continues to grow and grow in popularity. Sportswear brands have already jumped into the bandwagon to add yoga apparel into their activewear collection due to the increasing demand. Online searches have shown that yoga leggings, in particular, are the most in-demand products, with pastel colours slowly gaining more traction recently.

Today, you are not limited to wearing your favourite activewear to the gym, as you can easily sport them in your day-to-day trips. With the growing consciousness for balancing fashion and functionality, you will find clothes that are comfortable, cute, and practical!