Are CBD Strains From Marijuana Like CBD From Hemp IE Hawaiian Haze

It can be challenging researching the different forms of the cannabis plant with conflicting and confusing information, particularly for those new to the products. Once consistent query pertains to the similarities between CBD from hemp and that from marijuana. There are distinct differences between the two not only in profile but the effects they produce and in regards to legality.

Cannabidiol is consistent regardless of its source. However, there are other considerations for the oil, including multiple cannabinoids, phytochemicals, and terpenes. All the components comprising cannabis work in a synergistic fashion to create unique effects for each of the various strains, including that of Hawaiian Haze. The results are more potent than they would be for an individual cannabinoid’s production.

What Are The Differences Between CBD Derived From Hemp And Marijuana?

There are distinct differences in the multitude of CBD products (check out cheefbotanicals) having the substance derived from either hemp plants or the compound coming from marijuana. The strains often share similar names such as Hawaiian Haze and comparable effects.

But the hemp plant offers high concentrations of cannabidiol and little THC, which is the psychoactive component associated with marijuana. Hemp is legal to produce and sell publicly under the Controlled Substance Act thanks to the Farm Bill.
What Are The Differences Between CBD Derived From Hemp And Marijuana
Marijuana comprises a higher component of the psychoactive THC element. It is cultivated for the flowers offering abundant sources of cannabinoids. But it is a Schedule I substance with as much as 30% THC under the Controlled Substance Act. In saying that, the federal government sees it as having a high potential for abuse disregarding the potential medical uses.

Federally, marijuana is illegal, though, states have taken steps to pass legislation to make medical and, in some cases, recreation products legal for use. With these distinctions, people may find a reason to believe there are vast differences between CBD from hemp and that of marijuana, but it is genuinely not.

Where Do The Differences Lie In CBD Oil From Hemp VS Marijuana

While cannabidiol is a compound of its own design, when it is derived into an oil from the hemp plant or coming from the marijuana plant, there are distinctions between the two. To explore some of these distinctions go to . Some of those key aspects to distinguish the differences include:

  • Content Of Cannabinoid: The primary differences between the two derivatives are the ratio of THC and CBD. The cannabidiol that comes from hemp is generally rich in CBD, with limits instilled on the THC to less than 0.3%.

Marijuana derivatives are sourced from high CBD strains, but they also comprise substantial THC levels with a range minimally at 5% and as high as 30%. Some flowers offering increased levels of CBD often have THC equivalent to that level.

  • The Legal Aspects. Any hemp product is considered to be legal within the United States federally and as far as the state laws are concerned. The Farm Bill states that companies are legally able to go through the growth process, manufacturing, have possession, and offer for sale CBD derived from hemp items on the market, even transporting over state lines.

Where Do The Differences Lie In CBD Oil From Hemp VS Marijuana
Regarding marijuana, states have a right to initiate private laws pertaining to the substance. There are over 40 states with medical marijuana programs of some sort instituted in their locale. In comparison, Washington D.C. and over ten states have made it legal for marijuana to use in a medicinal and recreational capacity.

Federally, the drug remains an illegal substance, with it being a federal offense to cultivate, have in possession, sell, or transport these products. So, if you are transporting CBD oil derived from marijuana from one state where it’s legal to another state where it’s also permitted, you can be prosecuted for drug trafficking. According to federal law, this is what you have done.

Hemp CBD has no intoxicating effects disallowing the user from becoming high but instead producing a more relaxed, alert, reduced feeling of mental and physical discomfort, and greater overall wellness. Marijuana, on the other hand, can bring psychoactive qualities. Still, these are less so with CBD counteracting THC effects within the brain. Instead, there are provisions for properties more in line with a relaxant, analgesic, antidepressant, and offering assistance with symptoms for a broad range of chronic conditions that often are resistant to treatment. Learn how the two flowers differ here.

Final Word

The differences between the derivatives lie mostly with the psychoactive component, which, in turn, designates the legal aspect for which each state offers different guidelines. Both claim to provide properties displaying significant health-related benefits. The suggestion is to learn the laws in your state first and foremost and then follow your personal preference for how you ultimately want to feel and the effects you hope to see.