Buying Guide: Truck Roof Racks

A solid roof rack adds potential to your off roading excursions. In addition to giving you extra space to store essentials like extra gas, firewood and camping supplies, a roof rack can stow mountain bikes, kayaks and more. Like a solid roof tent for jeep, a quality roof rack is a must for the serious off road driver. Follow this guide to find the right rack for your ride.

Elements of a Roof Rack


Compared to other types of car racks, a roof rack allows for maximum storage and securing supplies, without obstructing any of your vehicle’s doors. Roof racks come in different styles, with some models welded together and others bolted together. Picking the right truck roof rack will come down to your preferences, where you plan to drive and what you want to carry. Here are some of the elements to look at when you’re choosing a roof rack.

  • Construction – Welded vs. Bolted: A welded roof rack typically comes in one piece and will usually require a specific mounting kit for your vehicle. They’re guaranteed to stay together, and often are made of sturdy materials such as steel tubing. A bolted roof rack requires some assembly of bolting the parts together.
  • Platform: The platform of a roof rack typically covers the full roof area of the vehicle. Look for a model that’s made of durable, strong materials like aluminum or a composite deck that includes nylon or steel. A low-profile platform keeps noise to a minimum while you’re driving and increases your fuel economy. Quality truck parts on sale help with handling while you drive.
  • Cross Bars: Depending on what you’ll be hauling, you might be able to substitute a platform with cross bars or add them as a supplement. Cross bars are a necessity if you’ll be mounting anything additional equipment to the rack, like bikes, kayaks or snowboards. Be sure to get bars that are compatible with the other pieces of the rack and that are rated to carry your gear.
  • Mounts: Some types of roof rack come with mounts to attach to your vehicle, while others do not. Review the product description to understand if mounts are included and, if not, what type you should buy.
  • Accessories: When you’re driving across rocky terrain, you want your gear to stay secure. Roof rack accessories keep your supplies in place en route. Options include a j-bar fixture to hold a kayak in place, bike racks, snowboard brackets, cargo boxes and cargo nets.

Roof Racks to Try


No matter what your plans are, you’ll want a top-quality roof rack you can rely on. Here are a couple to try.

  • Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform: Made from durable and lightweight materials, the Pioneer Platform comes is available for trucks and other off road vehicles. The rack works perfectly with Rhino-Rack accessories for a wide range of uses.
  • Smittybilt Defender Rack: With a fully welded designed, this rack from Smittybilt is made from 1-inch steel tubing for extreme strength and durability. It has multiple mounting options to work with any vehicle.

Look for a roof rack built from solid materials with a wide range of adaptable accessories at your favorite vendor of off road tires and wheels.