Need To Purchase ATV Tyres & Wheels? Find Out Which Ones You Need

When it comes to your ATV, you want to get the best tyres and wheels for the best driving experience possible. If you’re new to the field, then knowing what to look for with all the choice on the market can be a bit of a minefield.

We’ve written this article as a simple to read guide to get through the complex stuff. Firstly, knowing that the tyres will have a big impact on how well your ATV drives shows this is an important aspect to consider. There are also several things you will want to consider depending on what type of terrain you regularly drive on to how often you drive.

This article will reveal all and hopefully guide you to the right tyres for your needs and ATV. On the lookout for a new quad yourself or for your young ones? There are kids quads for sale at QuadBikes R Us and they stock a selection of tyres and wheels to suit a large range of ATV’s.


Best Tyres

  • Make some important decisions before you buy. First, you want to consider what type of terrain you are riding on the most. Are you mainly on concrete, tarmac, dirt-tracks, or grass? This will impact which type of wheel you need. You may ride on multiple terrains and moreover need all-purpose tyres which allow you to drive on any surface.
  • Think about ply rating. Ply rating means the tyre will have a higher number of plies in its design and construction. Moreover, the ones with a higher ply determines how puncture-resistant it may be. Commonly, most are 4-ply for ATV’s and normally these are strong and durable enough.



  • Bias-Ply Tyres

Depending on your personal preferences and riding styles, you may want the bias style that goes diagonally from bead to bead and makes up a crisscross pattern. This means they are highly durable and are generally very strong, with a lower chance of becoming punctured. So if you are used to tougher terrains, opt for this one.

  • Radial Tyres

This type of tire is made from laying plies in a 90-degree fashion in the direction they are rotating. Running on the main centre and down the side of the tyre, it looks more like a wrapping effect compared to the crisscross. They are generally more flexible with thinner sidewalls, which allows the ATV to take corners much easier. Moreover, if you are a racer, then this may be the type of tyre you are looking for.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider when it comes to choosing the right tyre for your quad or ATV. Depending on what your needs are and how you use your vehicle, you will have different wheel needs and knowing them ahead of time will allow you to plan your purchase accordingly.