Can a Modern Wedding Ring be Mixed With a Vintage Engagement Ring?

As you are probably aware, there are many do’s and don’ts associated with fashion, and this often causes a person to think twice before selecting clothing and jewellery items, for fear of going against the grain. It wasn’t that long ago when the very thought of mixing old and new would be frowned upon, yet thankfully, the world of fashion has embraced mix and match, which really does give you carte blanche in just about every department.

The Vintage Engagement Ring

Indeed, those vintage engagement rings would perfectly complement a modern wedding ring, and for many brides, mixing vintage with modern is the preferred style. The fine craftsmanship of yesteryear produced some stunning ring designs, especially circa 1930s, and if you happen to have a vintage diamond engagement ring, there’s absolutely no reason why your wedding ring must be of a similar style. Of course, it is a purely personal choice, and what works for one woman, may not for another, and if you are looking for the perfect wedding ring to complement your engagement ring, there are reputable online jewellers, where you can browse through the many unique designs until you find the perfect item.

Modern Wedding Rings

Many women prefer to stick to a standard yellow or white gold band with a few small diamonds that are inset into the band, as this is a very practical choice. A gold band wedding ring goes with just about anything, with or without diamonds, although most girls do prefer to have a few sparkling stones set into their wedding band.
Modern Wedding Rings

Vintage And Modern

There is no reason a modern engagement ring can’t be paired with a vintage or even an antique wedding ring, as long as you are happy with the look and feel, and if you really want to be unique, why not have the wedding ring custom made by a specialist jeweller? With clever use of coloured stones, you can create a unique pair of rings that can either be worn separately or together, and it is, after all, a once in a lifetime experience, and your choice of rings can reflect this.

Art Deco

This fantastic era produced some breath-taking diamond engagement rings, and pairing an art deco diamond ring with a modern wedding ring is all the rage at the moment, and with online retailers of fine vintage and antique jewellery, you can browse away until you find the ideal ring to match your art deco diamond engagement ring.
Art Deco

If It Makes You Happy, Do It

That’s what really counts when it comes to ring designs, and with so many fine examples of vintage and antique rings available from online antique dealers, you really are spoilt for choice. If, for example, your engagement ring is far removed from your wedding band, this makes for a great conversation starter, and with all the celebrities mixing and matching, you will be seen as a trendsetter by your friends.

Go with your gut feeling when selecting a wedding ring to match your vintage diamond engagement ring and don’t forget practicality, as both rings will be worn on a daily basis.