Different Types of Beaded Bracelets for Men and Women

Beaded bracelets are beautifully bohemian, incredibly versatile, and all kinds of comfortable to wear. What more could you want from a piece of jewelry?! Shopping for a beaded bracelet comes down to a few key determining factors and considerations. Follow these tips and pointers to lead you to the best selection for you and your personal style…

Beaded Jewelry Styles…

Some of the most popular beaded bracelet styles that you’ll encounter on your hunt include…

Wooden Beads

The classic wooden beaded bracelet has been a staple in the jewelry world for countless years. Wooden bead styles channel that eclectic, traveler vibe that many people want to emulate with their rustic boho dressing.

Hammered Metal

Hammered metal beaded bracelets are the way to go if you’re wanting to secure a high quality, classic piece that you can love and style for a long time to come. Handcrafted metal beads are the perfect balance between a romantic, rustic bohemian addition and a shining, sophisticated adornment. Shop for unfinished edges, raw materials and hand cut metal to find a unique statement bracelet.


Photo Credit: Lassanai

Eclectic Combinations

Some beaded bracelets feature more than just one type of bead or trinket. An eclectic collection of differing beads and materials is a great casual enhancement to your basic outfits. Shop for your mix and match piece with a color palette or a particular aesthetic direction in mind to guide your search and refine your look.

How to shop for men and women’s beaded bracelets…

Once you’ve decided on the style of beaded bracelet that you’re going for, it’s time to get out there and find it. When browsing, it’s important to remember…

Materials Matter

Materials really do make all the difference to your beaded bracelet. Wooden, woven and leather detailing must all be incredibly high quality in order to stand the test of time. Metal is far friendlier for longevity, durability and overall sophisticated style. Invest in beautifully crafted, high quality metals such as sterling silver to secure a bracelet that’s going to stay in your collection for many years to come. Stick to metals if you’re looking for a long term, timeless investment.

Shop Quality

Quality always comes before quantity when it comes to building your jewelry collection. Beaded bracelets might have a carefree, adventurer tone to them, but that doesn’t mean that they should be lower quality. Artfully designed, attentively crafted bracelets will bring an effortlessly expensive edge to the traditionally laid back beaded style.

Hammered Metal

Keep it Classic

Shopping for classic colors, shapes, materials and styles is going to give you the most versatility and durability out of your investment as possible. You cannot get more classic than sterling silver – it seamlessly bends with all colors, undertones and other metals, making it a fantastic choice if you plan on doing a little wrist stacking here and there.

Search for Sustainability

Shopping sustainably is incredibly important and the key to finding beautiful quality, eco-kind jewelry. Browse small, boutique brands to find designers who produce unique styles and who champion slow, sustainable production. Smaller brands will often be transparent about their production process, material sourcing and ethical practices.

Are you ready to secure the ideal beaded bracelet for yourself? Follow these tips and tricks to find the perfect fit for your jewelry collection.