Do Green Pesticides Work?

Arguments over pesticides have been raging for a number of years. The premise is simple and understandable; anything that is powerful enough to kill pests on plants has the potential to leach into the soil and cause problems for other wildlife.

In addition, the pesticides can remain in the plants which are then consumed by humans; potentially giving health issues.

Using green pesticides means using a more natural approach. This could be by contacting your local pest control service and demanding a non-chemical method of capturing and removing the offending issue. It could also be by adopting your own natural approach; usually with solutions that you’ve made yourself.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils
This is one of the most common green pesticides. The theory is that certain essential oils will act as a block. In short, the pests will be deterred by the aromatic smell and head to an alternative location which is more appealing.

The oils are naturally collected; you can even plant the appropriate herbs to help deter the pests. Peppermint is a great example of an herb that works really well in this situation. The great thing about this approach is that there is no danger to you or your family.

You may also be surprised to learn that essential oils can be really effective although they are generally better at getting rid of or keeping away smaller pests.

To deal with larger pests you’ll almost certainly want to call the exterminators.

Natural Pesticides

Natural Pesticides
It is important to note that pesticides are dangerous, they are designed to kill other organisms. However, just because you choose something that is natural does not automatically make it safe. Natural simply means its ingredients are not manmade. This does not mean that they are not deadly to humans; there are plenty of natural ingredients which can cause illnesses and even death.

Again, this is why it is so important to have the right professional help when choosing any type of pesticide or pest treatment.

In contrast, an organic pesticide is certified to be free from manmade chemicals and any genetically modified organisms. But, this doesn’t mean they are completely safe; they still need to effectively kill the pests on your plants or in your home.

Do Green Pesticides Work?

Do Green Pesticides Work
Green pesticides are those that a manufacturer decides to call green. There is no specific regulation that covers the conditions necessary for a product to be considered green. This makes green pesticides a gray area as the conditions necessary to be classified as green is up to the manufacturer or the consumer’s imagination.

While the principle behind a green pesticide is sound, the reality is that they may not be as effective and they might not even be as green as you think they are.

To ensure your pest issue is dealt with correctly it is better to speak to a professional and then request that they use natural products and techniques to eliminate the issue. A professional pest control firm will know the best way to approach this issue and comply with your desires.