Factors to Consider When Shopping For Fireplaces

Fireplaces are beneficial to homeowners in various ways. They provide warmth when there is a storm or during winter seasons, and some act as lighting when there is a blackout. 

They are used for cooking allowing an individual to save money spent on electricity or gas bills. They are wholesomely aesthetic as they transform how a home looks and feels.

There are different types of fireplaces available in the market. To make a good choice of a discount fireplaces that will be of use and value to you, consider the following factors when purchasing.

  • Cost

The different types of fireplaces vary in price. When looking at the cost, consider the cost of maintenance too. Electric fireplaces are cost-efficient, while traditional wood-burning ones are expensive. 

The cost of wood fireplaces consists of building materials and buying wood every time you want to light up the fireplace. There is also the hearth and chimney installation and the regular chimney inspections.

When in need of a fireplace, choose one that fits your budget to avoid financial strains on your end. Your budget is the most significant determinant of the kind of fireplace you will need.

  • Style Preference

Every person has a preferential style they want that fits with their rooms. Your aesthetic preference heavily influences your choice. 

There are different fireplaces, including electrical, gas ethanol, and wood fireplaces. They are further categorized into modern and traditional styles.

A person who wants a modern style will be inclined towards electric fireplaces, while one who wants a traditional style will be more interested in wood fireplaces. It is essential to know which design will best fit the theme and decor of your house.

  • Existing architecture

Another factor to consider is existing architecture. If there is enough space in your house, you can contact a contractor to come in and install an open hearth and chimney for you. 

It is the best option for homeowners as it increases the value of your home. If you want to sell or relocate, the cost of your house rises to incorporate the fireplace.

If you have a limited budget, you can have portable fireplaces in place of installing hearths and chimneys. You can also select wall mount fireplaces or electric fire TV stands if you do not have enough space in your house. See more here https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/01/realestate/shopping-fireplaces-wood-stoves.html 

Fireplaces 2

  • Heat

It would be best to consider whether you want your fireplace to be a source of heat. When searching for one, consider the climate changes in your area. If you come from a cold climate, it is advisable to assume gas or wood options. 

These two produce more heat compared to other options. For someone living in warmer weather, choosing either an electric or outdoor fireplace is advisable. They have less heat but create the ambiance of a fireplace.

It is also essential to select a fireplace with a remote control panel that allows you to adjust heat and flame intensity with a simple touch of a button. 

  • Company/ Brand Reputation

A successful company or brand does their advertisements and sales through online markets. 

Before making orders from a specific company, search for their website links and read through customer reviews to grasp what type of fireplace had the most sales and which one came in handy for most customers. If there are negative feedback, check whether the company professionally responded to any complaints.

You can also walk into a company’s showroom and sample the various types on your own. It is the best research method because not only do you get to see the fireplaces, but you also have all your questions immediately answered by a professional or salesperson. 

Feel free to try out the fireplaces to see whether they work and have all the distinctive features that meet your requirements.

  • Personal Taste

Whether a household item or personal effect, we always go for what we like when buying anything. In the same case, choose a fireplace of your liking. Do not be influenced by someone else’s taste. 

Even though electric fireplaces are cost-effective, some people prefer wood fireplaces because they enjoy watching the dying embers as smoke sifts through the air. Click here to read more.


Although a minor factor, be considerate enough to care about the people living with you and their health conditions. If you live with a person with respiratory issues like asthma or sinuses, it is wise to avoid wood-burning fireplaces. 

You can instead opt for electric or gas fireplaces. Request to view the fireplace when it is not running to see whether you like how the unit looks when turned off. 

For homeowners who want a built-in, seek a retailer who provides a licensed contractor because installation plays a vital role in the efficiency and durability of the fireplace. Lastly, note that the best fireplaces do not rely on a fan to spread heat.