Five Must-Know Things About Women by Men

Most, if not all, relationships prove complicated at one point or another as a result of poor communication. It goes beyond the usual communication skills that you can develop by getting great social papers from You have to understand what the other person wants and expects from you. But in reality, it proves harder for men to understand women, and this mostly brings about conflict.

So what do ladies want? Men have to understand what ladies need or want, as this can prove a perfect fodder for enhanced communication and growth of a relationship. Ladies love feeling things and not just to know them rationally. Shaunti Feldhahn even goes further to discuss the concept in detail in her book, For Men Only. So what should men know about women?

The Must-Know Concepts about Women

Ladies desire feeling loved. A vast proportion of women feel apprehensive about your love as a man for them. It can lead to the development of quiet resentment, which can then blow out as time goes by. So what a man can do to solve this entails two things.

Things about Women1

For one, try and reassure her the best you can, especially when experiencing conflict. Inform her of your love for her and how everything will turn out okay. Further, hug and hold your woman when they get upset instead of giving them space.

The second aspect involves pursuing her throughout your relationship or marriage. It should prove a similar fashion in terms of intensity and care before you won their hearts.

Women prefer feeling understood. Every woman wants you to understand the way they feel and think, even if it can prove impossible. A woman’s mind acts like a computer with several windows, all open and simultaneously processing. It proves very different from what happens to a man’s mind and its processing capacity. Ladies find it easy to multitask when it comes to emotions and thoughts. You will find ladies talking about diverse things simultaneously and everyone understanding each other perfectly. So make an effort of understanding how lady thinks to help you contextualize and understand them better.

Women love emotional security and will always want to feel this every day. Ladies yearn for security and this not only proves the financial security aspect, but emotional security as well. A lady will think about tuition, the house, bills, etc., but prioritize feeling emotionally secure in terms of connecting with you and knowing that you care and will always prove present for them, especially when it matters and regardless of the situation.

Things about Women2

Ladies desire a listening ear, especially when it comes to their feelings, thoughts, ideas, etc. If you have a lady in your life then you have to realize that they hardly want you to fix their situation or problem, but rather, listen to them. She will hardly want your assistance in solving a problem, despite asking for your opinion. All she wants entails comprehending her feelings towards something and identifying with that specific feeling. So always appreciate their sharing and empathize with their situation rather than actively try to solve it.  

Ladies need to feel attractive. A lady has to know that from the depths of your soul, you do find her attractive, and will always have your eyes fixated on her. So act like the main mirror from which she can project and see her beauty from. A lady can have a lot of mirrors in the house, but the most crucial mirror will always prove your feedback, the way you look at her, and compliment her.


Ladies prove special and require independence, affection, care, and time. Understanding how they think and behave can become useful in connecting and growing your relations together. So stop assuming they rationalize and think the same way you do and go out of your way in trying to connect with them (your wife, sister, daughter, aunt, and mom)