Five Ways You are Damaging Your Wooden Table without Knowing

When you purchase a wood table, the goal is making your dining space impressive when having meals. You want the dining room to become a thriller to surprise your friends when they visit. However, the dining table can degrade fast because it is used regularly. However, your table’s damage could be depreciating at a faster rate than you thought.

The interesting thing is that some of the things you do could be damaging the table without your knowledge. Here is a list of things that you do that could be damaging your wooden table.

Placing Hot Items Directly on the Wood Table

As a dining table, many people find it an easy platform to place items including the hot ones. For example, a casserole dish that is right from the oven can easily damage the grains of the table. But this is not all. Even hot tea and plates can also cause damage the wooden table grains.

To protect your wooden table, you should consider using cork trivets under the serving pots. The trivets help to protect the table from scorching heat of the serving pieces. If possible, you should avoid placing hot items on the table.

Food Spills on the Wood Table

Because wooden tables are made of natural cells, they can easily get stained. Therefore, when food and beverage spills on the surface, the food materials can release chemicals used as preservative, spices, or colourings and cause unsightly markings.

To avoid food spills and beverages getting into the wooden table, you should use the tablecloths or mats. Then, you should also wipe the foods as immediately as they get spilled.

Using a Knife to Remove Wax and Spills on the Wooden Table

When people find food spills or marks on their reclaimed wood table, one of the methods used to clear them is scrubbing with a sharp object. For example, some try using razor blade while others opt to scrub using knives. However, such sharp objects only leave unsightly marks on the table surface.

The right method to clear stains and waxes is using a piece of clothe with hot water. If the stains are stubborn, you could also a mild detergent to loosen them. Note that the secret to keeping the stains off is ensuring they are cleared as immediately as they appear.

Using Commercial Dusting Sprays on the Wood Table

When wood tables get dirty, the common solution that many people rush to is the dusting sprays. Others go for the shiny silicone polishes. However, these solutions only provide pristine outlook to your table for a short moment. After a short while, these cleaners will attract more dust and dirt. The design of these products is to keep you going back to the shop for more.

Instead of going for the dusting sprays, it is advisable to use the right and, indeed, cheaper method of cleaning your wood table; a damp cloth with hot water. The hot water will help to loosen the stains as you wipe them off to get an attractive appearance.

Using Chunky Jewellery when Using the Wood Table

When ladies wear bangles and jangling bracelets, they can easily scratch the flawless surface of the table. However, even men are now wearing huge metal watches that can also damage the impressive appeal of the table. The marks can become more emphasized if you sit at the same position on the dining table.

When you acquire a new wood table, it is important to ensure it remains in pristine condition by avoiding things that can easily damage it. In addition to regular cleaning and fastening it, it is important to avoid placing hot items on the surface and dusting sprays.