Florida Country Clubs: Weddings Made Easy

There are few potential wedding destinations as appealing as Florida country clubs. Despite the number of options to get married in throughout the state, country clubs have so much more to offer.

Nothing beats the classic appeal of a country club wedding. In some cases, a couple looking to get married at one must already know a member or be members themselves. If they are, getting married in the country club is often a sentimental choice.

Views & Versatility

Another benefit to marrying at one, specifically in Florida, is that couples will have an unforgettable view for their wedding day. Many Florida country clubs offer stunning views of the sea, and this creates a beautiful backdrop that is perfect for wedding photos.

No matter how large or small your wedding may be, Florida country clubs can accommodate the group. While many venues severely limit the number of guests a couple can have, country clubs are much more spacious. As an example, the golf course wedding venue at eagleharborgc.com can accommodate over 200 guests! Alternately, small rooms can be used for couples who prefer a more intimate wedding.
Views & Versatility
Florida country clubs are also a popular wedding venue choice for anyone shy about planning a beach wedding. As beautiful as Florida is, the weather isn’t always predictable. This means planning a country club wedding is less risky than planning one on the beach. A country club can provide couples with an indoor and outdoor location for their wedding. A beach wedding doesn’t have the same flexibility.

Research & Comparisons

When choosing a country club for a wedding, couples should compare packages. Many will offer full wedding day services, so couples just have to decide what they want and what they need. Another aspect to consider is how much privacy a couple requires on their big day. While reception areas are generally closed off to the public, a couple’s ceremony may be out in the open. This is a concern to address with country clubs when comparing them to each other.

Something else to take into account is a country club’s policy on vendors. Some will insist couples use the vendors they work with already. Those who aren’t comfortable with doing that need to find out what their options are.
Research & Comparisons
Regardless of the country club a couple ultimately chooses they will want their wedding day to go smoothly. One of the best ways to do this is to meet with the on-site wedding planner within one day of the ceremony. Couples can go over a game plan for the day so that everyone is on the same page.

A wedding rehearsal should also be performed, with all relevant parties in attendance. When everyone knows where to go and what to do the day will proceed much more smoothly. Lastly, couples should check in with all of their vendors the day before the wedding. If everyone gets a printed itinerary of the day’s plan, couples can sit back, relax and enjoy their wedding. Choosing a country club to hold it at is only the beginning. Couples must embrace everything about their special day for it to truly run smoothly.