Hacks For Your Fall Wedding

Autumn is a beautiful month. The leaves are changing and the world seems to move a bit slower. For the bride getting married in the fall, the biggest issue is the weather. When you get married in the fall, you should be prepared for anything,


Decorating for your wedding in the fall is easier than you think. Cover an archway with twigs, leaves, and vines. Use lots of candles. If your wedding is outside rent patio furniture. Create small gatherings with Whicker loveseats and chairs for the center to your mini-guests rooms add a firepit. This is fun and cozy. However, if there are children around or if you have an open bar, you may want to opt for whicker and glass coffee tables. The centerpieces can be the bouquets that the bridesmaids carried. This breaks people into groups. The couple can mingle by visiting each sitting area. Twinkling lights in the trees or cascading over the wedding is beautiful and inexpensive.

Photo credit: Nicole Honeywell

Bridesmaid Dresses

Your bridal shop will help you choose a fabric that looks great and keeps your bridesmaids warm. How far you take this depends on how cold it gets in the fall near you. Fall colors include emerald green, deep rose, smokey gray, gold, and silver.

Suggestions for outdoor fall weddings

outdoor fall weddings

Most dresses for brides and bridesmaids are sleeveless or have sheer lace sleeve. But this doesn’t mean you have to freeze. Brides can adorn their gown with a wedding cape. Bridesmaids can wear a short version of the wedding cape or a shawl. Bridesmaid dresses for a fall wedding are usually heavier and warmer.

If the bridesmaids are wearing floor-length gowns, have them wear tights under the skirt. If the fabric is light and airy, that means cold for the woman wearing the dress. The bride and the bridesmaids can wear leg warmers, or wear a warm slip.

Other alternatives

Instead of going with the tide with your tastes are better satisfied with a lovely, white, pantsuit. The pantsuit must have a matching jacket. Wear heels, but not shoes with an open toe.

Bridesmaids will look great in their long-sleeve top and a pencil. When the wedding photos are finished, they can swap the skirt for jeans and be cozy. They can continue to wear the matching tops.

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Set up a hot chocolate bar. Hot chocolate is dispersed from a large coffee canister. Have chocolate chips, mini-marshmallows, peppermint, white chocolate bark, and whipped cream on the table.

Set up a peg board with wooden pegs. Add ribbon tie autumn arrangements at the top or bottom of the board. Place donuts on each peg. Mix them up and replenish the donut board as needed. The hot chocolate and donut make an easy, and inexpensive ways to feed your guests.

Wedding favors

Instead of traditional guest favors give each guest a fleece lap blanket in your wedding colors. With a fall wedding, you will have no trouble finding these and they are cheap. If you want to get real creative, you can buy fabric paint and write your names and the year on each one. This is a great personal detail for small weddings. Another option is to provide tubes of fabric paint and let each guest personalize them.

Fold the blankets and then roll them up in a roll. Tie a pretty bow with ribbon and you have a unique gift and your guests can cuddle up and stay comfortable for the party.