Having a Short Break? Find Out How to Enjoy It

We bet that if someone says the word “England” to you, you will immediately think of London’s skyscrapers, of its big avenues, the theatres, the flooded with tourists squares of the capital or, if you want to go a bit further, of the industrial charm of Manchester and the sweet fuss of Briton and Liverpool.

All the above are great and beautiful but England is not only that. Its much more than this. It is the steep peaks of Peak District. It is the picturesque English summer houses and the green fields of Cornwall. It is Oxford’s countryside, the lakes of the National Forests.

Basically everything you see on British TV shows such as Downton Abbey and many more. All those and many more are great if you are looking for a short break and you want to enjoy England. There are many things to do that you will enjoy.

England short breaks: what to do

England short breaks

It is true that, when speaking of England, we are accustomed to a different kind of holiday and vacation. But rest assured that adventure and fun can happen everywhere as long as we are ready to explore. England is a destination that can fulfill many tastes. Historic towns, beautiful countryside, picturesque village, museums, nightlife and nature adventures.

Undoubtedly, if this is your first trip to England, you will visit the regular and famous sights. But if you want to get away and enjoy a short break in one of the most popular English destinations, rest assured that you have plenty of things to do.

Cornwall: land of kings

In England’s western corner where the only thing that exists after it is the ocean lies the ancient kingdom of Cornwall stretching

England’s biggest coastline in intricate formations. Throughout the entire area you will come across fish villages, hidden bays, more than 300 beaches and remnants of History and Mythology of Old Albion. It is rumored that in this area King Arthur lived while legends speak of giants walking the seashore. From its picturesque, tree-lined shores of the south coast up to its steep cliffs that overlook the sea in the north, Cornwall will make you forget the modern Sirens of London.

Oxfordshire: every dream come true


Houses with straw roofs, cinematographic villages, bicycle rides through parks and garden as well as open festivals, Formula One races, picturesque train stations, world-renowned Universities and…small houses on the prairie. This is what you will come across at Oxford and around it, so close but also so far away from London.

Derbyshire: all you need for a short break

This is another destination that you can visit if you are looking to enjoy your mini break. Derbyshire is close to the urban centers of

Manchester, Leicester and Sheffield, right in the heart of England, at East Midlands. It still preserves its raw beauty. Derbyshire leaves all the bustle and hustle of the area concentrated in the city of Derby and at the rest of its area it offers landscapes of exquisite beauty and serene wanderings. Are you ready for national parks, hills, hiking trails and for that specific tone of green that you can only enjoy at the English countryside? Then, Derbyshire is just for you.

Generally speaking, if you desire to enjoy your short break at England, there are many things that you can do and try. You can do your research and book your accommodation. There are many services that you can use for this. One of them is Great Little Breaks and you can find everything about Great Little Breaks online.