How to Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need: A Simple Guide

Are you struggling to work in your home because of clutter? Is it embarrassing to bring friends because of the mess?

Don’t fret if you don’t know how to get rid of stuff you don’t need.

We’re here to help you out. We’ve prepared a simple but effective three-step system to get rid of clutter, right here:

1. KonMari Method

KonMari Method

It’s always a good idea to start with the KonMari method, introduced by Marie Kondo and her show. It’s a great way to learn how to get rid of things you don’t need or use and separate them from the ones that still matter.

Her method involves touching every object you own. This includes every gift, jewelry, clothing, and more. If that item sparks joy, you should keep it.

Some people don’t let go of things because of nostalgia or sentimental value. This method helps identify if these concepts hold you back.

If it doesn’t spark joy, even if it has nostalgic or sentimental value, you need to let it go. Don’t worry about losing it forever — you can take a photo of it to keep the memories. The fact it doesn’t spark joy indicates you don’t need it or that you haven’t used it for some time.

2. Different Piles

How do you get rid of stuff that doesn’t spark joy? Put them into different piles.

Start a pile for the things that don’t work, the rubbish in your home. These, sadly, will all go to the dumpsite.

If you have things that could get recycled, like old documents, plastic, or metal, then put those in a recycling pile. Make sure to separate electronics because only select companies accept those.

Make another pile for old clothes, toys, and items you could donate. While you don’t need these anymore, someone else could.

3. Donate or Recycle

Donate or Recycle

Learning how to get rid of stuff you don’t need doesn’t mean throwing everything in the bin. Gather your piles and look for ways you can give them to people who might need or use them.

Take your pile of electronics and donate them to companies that accept phones, old computers, and the like. They have the facilities to ensure the toxins from rechargeable batteries don’t leak.

As for the clothes and others, feel free to look for junk shops, fundraising groups, charity drives, and NGO’s that might accept and distribute the stuff you don’t need.

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Now You Know How to Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

Learning how to get rid of stuff you don’t need isn’t difficult. It’s all about organizing the process. Figure out what you need and what sparks joy first, and then you can organize the rest into piles for donating or recycling.

But it doesn’t end here. If you want to continue reading more lifestyle tips, feel free to read our other articles and guides right here!