How to Keep Your Dog Happy by Creating the Perfect Room

How is it fair that you have the entire house to yourself, but your adorable canine doesn’t even have his own space? It’s about time that you changed that.

Here’s why we have listed 5 simple ways to make your dog happy by creating the perfect dog-friendly room.

1. Give Your Fur-Ball Some Space

If you have a dog, you should dedicate an area of the house to the dog so that it can play around and even spend some alone time there.
Give Your Fur-Ball Some Space
If your house is big enough, you can also create a dog zone where there would be no restrictions to bark, be silly, and jump around. This ideal space can be anywhere in the house which you think would be best.

And no, I am not asking you to give away your master bedroom. A small space works just fine!

2. Comfort over Everything

If you can spend 600 dollars on your mattress, you can most certainly spend 30-40 dollars on your dog’s bed.

Dogs really love to sleep and cuddle up. So, getting them a comfy bed is very important. Buy those soft extra-large pet bed on which your doggo can ease up, relax and sleep.

Giving him a cozy place would make your beloved dog appreciate you even more. Dogs love warmth. You can also get a fluffy blanket to snuggle up in or a tiny pillow for better comfort.

3. A Playzone, Maybe?

A Playzone, Maybe
Dogs love to play! This is a fact.

Keep that in mind, and try to create a play zone for the doggo in that designated space. Stuffed toys, balls, TV or even music can be a great source of entertainment for your dearest canine.

Dogs love to stay busy and physically active. Games are a great way of channeling their energy and keeping them happy.

You can also do some training activities there which they will enjoy.

4. Bonus Points For Cute Interior

Dogs might be color blind, but they sure understand aesthetics. Make it fancy and as dog-friendly as possible. By that I mean, a safe zone where you will not have to worry about your doggo getting hurt.

You can hang pictures on the wall with your dear pup, or even keep a nice washable floor matt where your doggo can toss and turn and play with your kids (if you have any). Get creative!

5. Hygiene Is Key

Hygiene Is Key
Happy and excited dogs often sweat and pee a lot.

To avoid a smelly and unhygienic home, make sure the play-zone is clean and there aren’t any expensive rugs or carpets. Invest in waterproof materials or matts which are washable.

You can also buy waterproof and odor resistant dog beds to fight the stench.

Potty train your dog to go to a designated place to poop. This way your doggo will be in a clean and healthy environment.


Each dog has individual needs. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to identify the likes and dislikes of your dog and create a space that would be best suited for your adorable pup.

Only you can provide a healthy living space for your pet. So, be considerate and thoughtful while designing that perfect dog-friendly room and give that good doggo another reason to smile!