How to Lose Weight? 12 Simple Tips to Get You Going

Looking for tips on how to lose weight? Well, here are a few proven methods of weight loss that you can implement in your daily life and attain the physique you desire. The benefits of losing weight are many like reduced risk of heart problems and diabetes, improved cholesterol levels, improved mobility and decreased joint pains.

While the results are not immediate but when you achieve the desired result, the joy of that will know no bounds. Though there are various diets, supplements, and meals that claim to help you reduce your weight, in reality, quite a lot of them barely make any difference, the only difference you will find is in your wallet becoming thinner.

So how would you know what to do in order to lose weight?

Without further ado, let’s have a look at a few ways to lose weight fast:

Reduce your Sugar Intake

Reduce your Sugar Intake
Comfort foods and sugary foods are always a delight to eat and even thought of it makes you crave it. Sugar addiction is real and so are the problems that come along with it and as an addition to that, a lot of sugary food or food with a high added sugar content can be low in usable calories.

If you do not want to reduce your sugar intake then you should probably switch to using healthy alternatives instead of sugar, for example, you can use Honey, coconut sugar or date paste. In short, cutting down on your sugar intake is beneficial if you want to lose weight.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

As opposed to what people normally think that skipping breakfast helps you reduce weight is not actually the case, in fact, people who skip their breakfast on a daily routine tend to have higher BMI than the ones who do not. Studies also show that people who do not skip their breakfast perform better in general, and it is important to remember to eat a healthy breakfast, ideally, a bowl of whole-grain cereal, fruits, and skimmed milk can be eaten to kickstart your day.

Go Whole-Grain

Go Whole-Grain
How do you lose weight by just substituting white bread? Well, substituting your white bread with whole-grain or whole-wheat bread could be one of the best decisions you make as you get all the needed fiber from it and it will fill you up faster which means you end up eating a much more reasonable portion of the food. In today’s market, there are whole-grain options for almost everything such as pasta, bread, brown rice, etc.

Add Protein to Every Meal

By keeping this pointer in mind and adding low-fat protein to your meals makes you feel full for a long time, because of which you are unlikely to overeat. You can eat it in small portions with every meal of yours, you can have nuts, low-fat yogurt, egg, lean meat or egg with your meals.

Switch to Low-Fat Alternatives

By using low-fat alternatives you can reduce your body weight significantly and effortlessly, you can always eat low-fat mayo, low-fat dairy products as a substitute for your dairy products. In fact, you can also use Salsa or Hummus as an alternative dip or use mustard instead of mayonnaise, having roasted sweet potato instead of a packet of chips is still healthier.

Get Active

One cannot emphasize this point enough, adding one physical activity to your daily schedule or regularly working out helps in cutting down weight like no other. Whenever you work out, make sure you do exercises that work every muscle in your body and more importantly doing cardio burns fat faster.

Reduce Portions

If you cannot find the time in your daily schedule to squeeze in a small workout and if you aren’t left with many options as sometimes low-fat food can be a little costly, but if you reduce meal portion by 15%-20% you will still lose weight in a significant manner as both the portions served in restaurants and at home are more than what you require. To help you have meals in reasonable/small portion use small plates and bowls in which you can take only a limited portion you will not feel as if you are undereating as the food in small plates would look plentiful.

Stop Midnight Snacking

Stop Midnight Snacking
Late-night munchies are understandable when you’re watching a sitcom or a movie but if you really want to have a snack after dinner then have a small bowl of ice cream/yogurt but remember to brush your teeth right after as it increases the chances of you not wanting to eat anything more after that.

Eat More Veggies

When you’re trying to lose weight there no better way than adding more vegetables and fruits to your meal. Because of the high fiber content and healthy protein sources, you will be satisfied with reasonable portions without restricting your calorie intake.

Go Bananas on Bananas

Adding bananas to your daily meals increases your metabolism by regulating your water balance because of the high potassium content found in them.

Go Green Tea

Go Green Tea
Green tea also helps in increasing your metabolism. It may be because green tea contains catechins which increase the metabolism-speeding brain chemical norepinephrine.

Stock Up on Healthy Food

It is a simple strategy but an effective one. Stocking up on healthy food in your kitchen and choosing healthy restaurants to eat from prevents you from eating unhealthy and junk food.


Well, those are few of the many answers to the question “How to lose weight?” and these are answers that one can implement in their daily life use to lose weight and in reality, they will only work with a committed effort and will.