How To Make An Electric Water Gun And Why It Is Used For A Step-By-Step Guide


The electric water gun has squirted water with high pressure on your target. These guns are perfect for party games, and children find them enjoyable. This article is going to explain to you each and everything about the making of these electric water guns. If you feel a bit interested, try out the recipe and make one for your use. 

What is an electric water gun used for? 

An electric water gun is used to throw water at faraway places that are otherwise unable to get access. It is used for party games, throwing colors, and water on your friends as well. 

How can you make an electric water gun?

Making an electric water gun will ask you for a bit of effort and your precious time. 

Collect the needed tools:

The following tools are needed for making an electric water gun. 

    • Drill machine
    • Glue stick
    • Glue gun
    • Electric cutter

Collect the needed materials:

The following materials need to be collected beforehand to start making your electric water gun. 

  • Pipes (PVC and Silicone)
  • Water or a Liquid bottle
  • Water pumps
  • Switch
  • PVC Elbow, End Cap, And Tee

Prepare the bottle:

Once you are done gathering all the tools and materials mentioned above, you need to go for the preparation of the bottle. For this intent, you will require to take water or a liquid bottle of 3-liter capacity.

Then you will use a drill machine to make a hole in the cap of that water bottle. After that, you need to insert the opening and inlet of the water pump in that hole. 

Choose the suitable PVC:

Now you will choose the suitable and desired building material for making your electric water gun. Here, we have already got PVC and all the things related to PVC, such as pipe, elbow, tee, and many other things. 

Make the inlet pump leakproof:

Now you will add coupling and join it with the cap to make it rotate better and make the inlet pump leakproof. 

Fit the perfect water pumps:

You will use durable water pumps to transfer water from one part to another. 

Make a gun shape with PVC:

Then you will use PVC and design a gun shape machine that will be called an electric water gun. 

Fit the silicone pipes for water movement:

After getting a gun shape, you will use the drill machine and make a hole in silicone pipes to allow water movement from the inlet to the outlets and vice versa. 

Make the necessary connections:

Now you will insert a switch and battery to make the water gun run smoothly. Make suitable holes for these things. 

Final assembly:

You have done all the steps. You just have to add the water bottle to the inlet of the water pump and rotate it well to check it’s working. Your electric water gun is ready to throw water at any place and object with high pressure. 

Final thoughts: 

The making of an electric water gun is quite simple. You need to follow the above recipe and will get your gun. Only then will you be able to throw water at higher pressure.