Kitchen Layouts to Remodel Your Kitchen Using Traditional White Kitchen Cabinets

Installing unique cabinetry, lighting, appliances, tiles, and paint may seem important. However, a kitchen’s importance is determined by the way it functions, thus, putting layout as a primary focus in a remodeling project. 

Many people think about the kitchen elements that they will install in their homes like traditional white kitchen cabinets or expensive kitchen appliances. These ones are great for aesthetics. However, a kitchen’s functionality is determined by the layout. 

Let’s review a few kitchen design layouts that you can implement in your upcoming remodeling project. 

Reduce traffic 

Whether you like it or not, your kitchen space is going to have high traffic flowing in and out. Create a kitchen design layout that foresees this problem and provides solutions. 

You can control the chaos by creating space before people get into the kitchen. For example, you can create a pathway that is hazard-free by ensuring that you won’t be obstructed by appliance doors when opening. 

Make the distance between main fixtures accessible 

Another important kitchen design idea is to ensure that you have a comfortable distance between the main fixtures in your kitchen. For example, your traditional white kitchen cabinets can be put near the working area because you need to access items inside the cabinets frequently. 

Work out the distance with an interior designer to get the right measurements that will allow you to get the most out of the space you have. 

Always start with the sink 

The sink should be the first kitchen element before you add more items. It is an important element in the work triangle that won’t move, thus, you must think about its placement before all other elements. 

The most ideal place for a sink is near a window where you can have a view of the outside. You can also decide to place it on the kitchen island. Your traditional white kitchen cabinets can be on top of the sink if they are placed near the window. 

Consider vertical space

There is a lot of space going up; use it to maximize storage in your kitchen. Nowadays, we have special vertical cabinets that can maximize your vertical space. 

Even if you want to install the traditional white kitchen cabinets vertically, you can still do it by customizing the cabinets. 


The kitchen design layout that you pick should make your kitchen space accessible and functional. Always think about the layout before you start buying kitchen elements because they are all intertwined.