Making Your Bathroom Inviting

If you are having guests over, one of the first things they’ll notice is the cleanliness of the bathroom. The toilet bowl, shower head, and mirrors should all be clean. The decor in the bathroom should reflect your aesthetic and taste, so it’s essential that you take the time to choose colours and textures that make your guests feel comfortable. Once you’ve chosen your bathroom’s theme, you’re ready to welcome your guests. Here are a few bathroom designer-approved tips you can try.

Keeping It Warm

Whether you’re trying to woo a man or a woman, a quality bath towel is essential to creating a luxurious environment. A thick, quality bath towel is like a heating rack, ensuring your comfort during the winter. Using thermal-insulated curtains can also help keep the bathroom warm and inviting. Drapes around the bathtub and toilet can also create a welcoming atmosphere.

Do Away With Clutter

Bathroom designers Surrey or your city trusts know how to arrange things. If you have a cluttered bathroom, it can look dingy. A roll top bath and small hand towel rings can add a touch of elegance. Soft upholstery and decorative elements in the bathroom can also be attractive, adding depth and texture to the space. A soft towel will feel luxurious when surrounded by fine details. Throw in a bathrobe, but place it in a stylish and welcoming way.

Think About The Furniture

To complete the room, a luxurious bathroom is often furnished with upholstered chairs, as it’s not just all about soft towels and bathrobes. The furniture in the bathroom can range from a simple garden stool to an ornate armchair. Natural materials such as wood and reclaimed textures are becoming more popular, and they give a bathroom a softer and more elegant appearance. 

Ample Seating Area

A beautiful bathroom has ample seating. A padded armchair, a tufted ottoman, or a garden stool can be found in a luxurious bathroom. Bringing in an armchair will add a sense of grandeur to the room and make it look more inviting. A large, comfy bath is inviting to the eyes, a perfect place to wash all the stress away.


The bathroom’s furniture should be functional. It should be as minimalist as possible, so that visitors won’t be bothered by too much clutter. Inviting bathrooms are also free from visible objects. Besides, the use of big, fluffy towels in the shower will already make the bathroom feel more cozy. Apart from a thermal-insulated curtain on the windows, don’t hesitate on putting drapes around the bathtub and toilet for a more elegant look. Visit a bath store in Egham or in your area to get more ideas.

Other Things That Matter

Bathroom 2

Besides the furniture, a stylish bath tray can make a bathroom feel more luxurious. A stylish bath tray is great for placing a small vase of flowers or a vase of candles. A shower brush is an excellent accessory as well. A nice bath mat will add a touch of colour and flair. The bathroom’s decor will also make it feel warm and inviting. A framed piece of art will make a guest feel special and make the space seem more expensive.

There you go. These tips should inspire you to start working on your dream bathroom!