Motorcycle Helmet Fitment Explained

As you likely already know, motorcycle helmets are arguably the most important accessories for riders. They are the mainline of defense against some of the worst injuries in bike accidents. You may be surprised by how many accidents involve face impact. In addition to protecting your head, helmets also help with seeing more clearly and staying dry. In short, getting the right helmet is important.

The Value of the Right Fit

In order to enjoy all the benefits of your helmet, you need to actually wear it. Sadly, far too many riders forego their helmets because they are uncomfortable. Part of the problem is people buying poorly fit helmets. When you order your cruiser accessories online, it can be difficult to know whether they will fit properly. Even if you buy in a store, it isn’t easy to tell if a helmet will still be comfortable a year from now.


Motorcycle Helmet Fitment1

The first parameter you want to consider is the shape of the helmet. This should be matched to the shape of your head. There are three primary categories of shape: long oval, intermediate oval and round oval. These relate to the ratio between the front-to-back length of your head and side-to-side width. Long ovals are for heads which are longer than they are wide. Round ovals are for heads that are close in both dimensions. Intermediate ovals are somewhere in between.


Once you have figures out which shape is right for you, it is time to measure the size of the helmet. For this, you will need a tailor’s tape measure. Alternatively, you can use a piece of string that you measure afterward.

Wrap the tape measure around your head at the fullest part. This is usually about half an inch above the eyebrows and just above the ears. You are measuring your skull. There is no need to include your ears in the measurement.

Check a sizing chart for the helmet to find the right size based on your measurement. Every brand is a little different, so it is a good idea to check the specific chart for that brand.

Checking the Fit

Female in motorcycle safety costume and black helmet.

Whether you like ordering all your cruiser motorcycle parts online or head to a traditional store to buy things, you will need to check that your helmet fits. Obviously, the starting point for this is to put the helmet on.

When you are wearing it, the helmet should fit snuggly around your head. It should be tight but not painful to wear. Keep in mind that the padding will slowly get smaller with wear. So, any helmet that is loose or moves on your head even slightly will be dangerous within a few months.

Additionally, there should be no “hot spots” on the helmet. In other words, you shouldn’t have any areas that are particularly tight. The fit should be more or less even throughout.

Get Started

Now that you know how to properly size your helmet so that it will fit, you can order a new one. If you only invest in one good-quality accessory for your bike, it should be your helmet.