Reasons Why Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Are Back in Style

At the centre of classic cabinet designs recording resurgence in the contemporary interior design industry, are distressed kitchen cabinets. Distinguishable by their classic weathered appearance, distressed cabinets are synonymous with top-tier artisanal craftsmanship. 

In this article, we seek to let you find out the reasons for their un-ignorable resurgence. Keep reading to discover why modern designers are engrossed in crafting these classic cabinet designs. 

About Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

With distressed cabinets becoming very popular in the 21stcentury, there’s nothing that stands out clearly as the phenomenon of history repeating itself. Cabinets with distressed appearance are indeed a stark reflection of the 19970s and 1980s interiors. 

Their weathered wood outlook combines perfectly with their simplistic design to express the simple, natural, and functional aspects of traditional or classic kitchens. 

In a nutshell, distressed kitchen cabinets are making a noticeable comeback for the following reasons. 

Unparalleled Simplicity

Among all classically styled cabinetry designs, including farmhouse and shaker cabinets, distressed cupboards boast unparalleled simplicity in terms of style. From their weathered appearance to their minimal ornamentation features, the topmost highlight of distressed kitchen cabinets is simplicity. 

Due to their unrivalled simplicity, these drawers match all kitchen designs, from classic to modern. That they are less sophisticated in terms of styling means that they can mix with a wide range of colors and beautification accessories.  

Extended Lifespan

Another reason for the resurgence of distressed cabinets is their unrivalled longer lifespan. Because they are made of wood, these drawers will come to you with a guarantee for longer service if you choose them. Their weathered wood finishes can resist scratches, corrosive spillages, and high-impact forces.

Unlike with cabinets whose finishes are marked by paint, the chances of seeing peel-offs on distressed kitchen cabinets are very minute. In this regard, you can expect a higher resale value if you opt for cabinets with a distressed appearance compared to if you go for their painted counterparts. 


As we have already noted in the first point, distressed cabinets match all types of kitchens, a fact that highlights their practicability. Depending on the hardware and colors you mix them with, these cabinets can help you portray any visual design theme you want, from traditional to contemporary design themes. 

Hence, you need to consider going for distressed cabinet varieties if you want to wholesomely gift yourself access to more than one design option when remodelling your scullery. Many modern homeowners are going for these cabinetry designs for the same reason. 

Natural is Currently Trending

Did you know that natural wood is the most searched cabinet material in modern interior design? Whether yes or no, the fact is natural wood is currently trending as the perfect cabinet material. 

Thanks to the popularity of natural wood, distressed kitchen cabinets have established their place in contemporary design aesthetics for natural wood is their hallmark feature.  Distressed cabinets come in varieties based on the natural wood material marking their surfaces. 

 Will Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Soon Go Out of Fashion?

The straightforward answer to this question is no. Below are the reasons why distressed kitchen cabinets are less likely to go out of fashion soon. 

The Popularity of Classic Designs

With classic cabinet designs, including shaker, farmhouse, and taupe cabinets making a comeback in modern interior design, the popularity of classic-styled cabinet varieties like distressed cabinets is bound to heighten as time goes by. 

Because of the massive resurgence of classic designs, furniture designers are continuously developing designs that feature classic and modern aesthetics. Hence, the interior design industry will for a long time to come see amazing varieties of distressed cabinets being unleashed every day. 

The Unavoidable Shift from Form to Function

In crafting cabinet designs, contemporary designers are undoubtedly focused on function rather than form. The majority of trending cabinets are defined mostly not by their visual aesthetics but practicability. This is why most of the designs feature open shelving and speciality shelving options. 

Because distressed kitchen cabinets are largely defined by practicability and less by form, you can expect them to stay trending for a long time. These drawers are simpler to style and are exceptionally durable, all of which make them the ideal functional cabinetry designs any homeowner may want to opt for. 

Affordability and Ease of Access

Because of the simple design aspects, distressed cabinets stand out as pocket-friendly in terms of the cost of purchase, styling, and maintenance. Their typical material, natural wood material, makes them effort-free in terms of access. 

With an ever-rising cost of living, the majority of modern homeowners are opting for cost-effective design elements to get value from their hard-earned resources. Given this background, distressed cabinets can’t go out of fashion soon. 

What are the Latest Ideas on Distressed Kitchen Cabinets? 

#1: Accessorized Distressed Cabinets

Unlike their traditional versions, modern distressed kitchen cabinets come with highly sophisticated industrial accessories. They stand out from classic designs and thus, seem contemporary mainly because of the shiny metallic fixtures they come with. 

Whereas these cabinets may seem perfect for contemporary-styled pantries alone, you can still make them the highlight of a classic or traditional-styled kitchen, thanks to the fact that they are compatible with not only modern but also traditional designs. 

#2: Customized Distressed Cabinets

If you want distressed cabinets that perfectly fit your interior design needs, then simply go for customized distressed cabinets. With the help of a professional cabinet designer, you can get access to cabinet designs whose colors, shapes, and layouts align with how you generally use your scullery. 

From designs with specialty drawers to those marked by mixtures of open and closed shelves, there are different amazing varieties of customized distressed cabinets you can choose from. Considering that function rather than form is respected in modern interior design, there is arguably no better way to make your kitchen seem modern and functional other than installing in it customised distressed kitchen cabinets

Final Thoughts

The current popularity of distressed kitchen cabinets is genuinely not a fad. These drawers are defined by amazing attributes that draw many people to them. Besides their practicability values, distressed cabinets are cost-effective and exceptionally long-lasting. As natural wood continues to trend as the perfect cabinet material, the popularity of distressed cabinets is more likely to catapult as time goes by.